Mk.17 SCAR-Hs in the field


For many years, if you wanted to do a SOCOM (SEALs, CAG, MARSOC, etc.) impression, your choices in primary were pretty limited – you have a choice of an M4, an M4, and the new M4 that just came out that other day.

Over the past couple of years, however, a new option has arisen: the FN Mk.17 SCAR-H.

The Mk.17 is the bigger, badder brother of the Mk.16 SCAR-L that also saw limited use in the late 2000s with units like the Rangers but has since been discontinued. However, the Mk.17 is now seeing widespread use in many SOCOM units looking for some 7.62 punch. For airsofters, this means we don’t have to go for the same old boring M4-based loadout if we don’t want to. Toss some SOPMOD accessories on there and you’re good to go.

I personally have a VFC Mk.17 and I love it to death. The mags are a bit of a bitch to find/buy/fit in pouches, but the gun looks badass, and as the “About” section of this blog says, well, we’re all about looks.

Plus, the real steel shoots 7.62; none of this 5.56 baby stuff. In airsoft, that means your BBs hit harder. True story.






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