Weekend Warrior Speed and Pad Sling

Let’s face it, I’m a guy who won’t run a gun hard until he gets a sling for it. However, I’m unfortunately not made out of money though, so I can’t always go out and buy myself a 5.11/VTAC padded 2-point sling (a personal favourite).

A recently released ACM product that I picked up is the Weekend Warrior/Emerson Speed and Pad Sling. Of course, this sling is made in some random factory in China, so advertised branding may vary from store to store. I have the “Weekend Warrior” one from ebairsoft.com in CB (link here) – $16.59 USD, shipped, and your choice of colours/camo patterns to boot.


You get your 2-point, padded, quick-adjust sling – all the same features found on the 5.11/VTAC sling that I do love. Mind you, the padding isn’t nearly as thick, the sling attachments that come from the factory scare me, the length adjustment slider isn’t nearly as hefty as the current production model of the previously-mentioned 5.11/VTAC sling (nor does it feature the paracord pull to give slack to the sling)… but, with a little time to weed out the rough spots, it sure makes for a pretty darn decent sling on the cheap, if I may say so myself. The controls are pretty much the same concept as most quick-adjust 2-point slings on the market – pull on the tab to cinch up the sling, pull on the adjustment buckle (or attachment to the buckle) in order to give it some slack.


I’m currently using my original “Speed and Pad Sling” on the blaster you see above – it has thus far held up to my usual abuse of my stuff for a few months worth of run and guns. Personally, I removed the clasps that came from the factory, fitted a HK-snap clasp to the front of the sling (no QD buckle like on the current 5.11/VTAC model), and drilled a hole and threaded some paracord through the adjustment buckle that allows me to simply tug on the cord to give the sling some slack.

It now functions like my 4x-more-expensive 5.11/VTAC, after that final slight modification. Simple enough.

-juice. eee.


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