Popular Airsoft has a new story up regarding WE’s upcoming line of AEGs. What separates WE’s line of AEGs from the standard Marui-style AEGs is the gearbox – WE has developed a new split gearbox design that incorporates elements of the Systema PTW (quick FPS change with swappable cylinders), while still remaining mostly TM compatible.

I’ll be honest: the quick FPS swap ability of the PTW was one of the major selling points that finally convinced me to shell out for one, but I’ve found that I never really need to swap out cylinders… ever. I also owned a Magpul PTS Masada, which also had a quick-spring change system, and I found that I only rarely swapped springs, even though I had the ability to. I stuck to a 450fps semi-only DMR system, even though I had the ability to swap to a sub 400fps full-auto system in a matter of minutes.

The main benefit to having a quick-spring change mechanism would be the ability to use the same gun for CQB/mid-range/DMR roles. But why not just build a separate gun that’s specifically dedicated to that purpose? Yes, having an “all-in-one” gun is nice, but most airsofters I know are collectors at heart and would welcome the opportunity to buy multiple guns; I know I’m never satisfied with just one toy and am always looking for that next item to add to the collection, as evidenced by my constantly changing/evolving armory.

From a tech point of view, having a “dedicated” gun allows you to specifically tune that gun for its dedicated purpose, choosing the optimal parts for whatever role you want it to perform instead of selecting “general purpose” parts that may not be as optimized as they could be.

Then again, if you’re the “all-in-one” type, well, WE’s new gearbox system may be for you… if you trust WE. But I suppose that’s for another article.


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