Beta Project 140rd MAGPUL PTS PMAG Magazine for AK AEG: write-up coming soon!

Picked up myself a handful of these guys for use in my LCT AK104. Turns out that eHobbyAsia has box sets (5 mags) for a ridiculously low price of $16.95 at the moment (might be a typo, so hurry up and order them if you want them!) – these are regularly priced at $68.00 on eHobby.

I’m excited to get mine, though I do know that the lips will need some filing to make these mags fit and lock into my LCT magwell. I’ll be posting up when I get these guys in – I’ve been a fan of the Magpul PTS TMAGs (some of you may have heard all about my excitement while in store at AirsoftGear when they first came in), and these are pretty much PTS TMAGs for fit in an AK. Combine two things that I think are great? Yup, you guessed it – TOTALLY AWESOME.

^^ It helps that Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical runs them on his AK, too.

Basic backstory on these mags – these are styled after the 5.56 Bulgarian waffle-pattern magazines that you see pictured with Travis Haley’s MAG-K (custom, Magpulized AK that Haley built while he was still Magpul). Clear allows for easy round count without having to check witness holes (in the real thing) or hoping for the best (in Airsoft). Magpul PMAG floor plate was a concept Haley came up with – turns out that PMAG Ranger Pulls fit directly onto the Bulgarian Waffle mags if you jam them on there.

Links for Black and Dark Earth are as follows:




Edit 17/08/2012 – eHobby has since changed the pricing on the box set of Beta Project AK mags:

Regular Price: USD$89.75

Special Price: USD$67.95


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