Loadout Review – August 19th ASG Game Day


KITLIST – everything is either Pantac or Flyye unless otherwise noted:


  • right angle admin pouch
  • double mag shingle + single mag shingle
  • MBITR pouch
  • MAP pack
  • flashbang pouch
  • suppressor pouch

Right Angle MOLLE Belt

  • ICE Tactical double pistol mag pouch
  • Eagle horizontal general purpose pouch
  • 5.56 FastMag
  • dump pouch


  • FAST Helmet (replica) w/ V-lites
  • PUXING-888 + PTT
  • PRC-152 whip antenna (replica)
  • Magpul MS2
  • Mechanix Originals

This has been my go-to rig for the past couple of months, as I’ve fallen totally in love with the MBSS. I chose it initially because I needed a rig for my MARSOC/SEALs setup, but I’ve since started using it for “normal” gamedays too.

It gives me plenty of MOLLE room up front and on the back, plus the lack of a cummerbund means better ventilation under my arms. It is also easy to don/remove, since everything is held together by four clips. This also means I have easy access to the stuff on the back if needed, since I can undo the two clips on my sides (leaving the two at the shoulders still attached) and swing the thing around backwards so the MAP pack is now on my chest.

I run the triple M4 mag shingles up front because they carry any mag I need (I ran AK mags yesterday as you can see for my brand new LCT AK-74 – review upcoming!). I have a 5.56 platform, an AK platform, and two 7.62 platforms – the M4 mag shingles will take all of those mags. I really don’t see myself changing anything else on the rig in the near future… I want to switch out the 5.56 FastMag for a HSGI TACO so I can run an AK or 7.62 mag on my belt, but otherwise this rig is pretty much complete. Comments appreciated. 🙂



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