Beta Project 140rd MAGPUL PTS PMAG Magazine for AK AEG: LCT AK104 NV

Something fun arrived today – 140 rounds worth of PTS PMAG feeding goodness… AND it works in an AK! Yup, as the title says, the Beta Project/PTS PMAGs for AK that I previously mentioned made it in.

As per my expectations from past purchases, my package from eHobby arrived in less than a week. They’re FAST at getting stuff shipped out. And not to mention that that the Express Service shipping option itself is quite quick, for only a few bucks more.

As you can see, these do fit in AK’s. However, these are designed to fit in TM/TM-style AK clones – they are an ideal fit in CYMA AK AEG’s. This is a slight problem when it comes to LCT AK NV series though, you will need to file down the front lip of the magazine in order to make everything fit and lock and feed properly – see picture below for reference. This modification only takes a few minutes with a simple file (to be honest, I tried taking a rotary tool to it, but I discovered that my crap-tastic Dremel clone didn’t come with an appropriate bit for the job).

With the slight modification to the front lips on my mags, feeding works just fine in my bone-stock LCT AK104 NV powered by a Firefox 11.1V 20C AK-stick LiPo. Mind you, this is done indoors at home, so I can’t say how well these are going to work on the field. I have reason to believe that these will continue to work great, from everything I’ve heard from other people who have run these or are continuing to run these mags say that they work great; albeit, these users are using the AK PMAGs in stock/unmodified form in Beta Project/CYMA “Custom” AKs.

I’m usually a tinkerer when it comes to my guns, but I’ve had great results the past 2 times I’ve gamed my AK in stock form. I purchased my LCT AK104 NV for a great price at Airsoft Gear, considering the full steel construction and quality of workmanship.  Julian from Airsoft Gear wanted me to make a video record of me stripping the AK down to every single part, but we never actually got around to doing so. As such, my AK has stayed in stock form for the months that I’ve owned it. To be honest, it shot surprisingly well out of the factory (400 FPS when chronographed with 0.20g BBs with zero hop up on; capable of reaching just shy of 200 ft to a human-sized-target, when shooting Airsoft Gear’s Calibre Six 0.28g ammo). I honestly can’t think of much to improve in its gearbox or hop up chamber asides from adding a delayer chip as my single LCT AK74 high cap just wasn’t keeping up with feeding BBs on my 11.1V LiPo batteries.

The lack of mid caps in my own possession was a serious downer to me – but now that I’ve got a full compliment of these guys, I’m seriously excited to play with my AK104!



4 responses to “Beta Project 140rd MAGPUL PTS PMAG Magazine for AK AEG: LCT AK104 NV

  • p3rc

    need money.. want LCT…

  • Drift


  • overhoppers

    Note: I saw the following as a search that lead to Overhoppers, “will magpul pts ak pmags feed in a cyma ak?”

    Hate to ruin the surprise, but a Beta Project AK is a CYMA AK.

    Mind you, they’re using the newer VFC-ish style of CYMA receiver, refinishing it, and tacking on cool stuff around the barrel and onto stock tangs for the Beta Project AK… but it’s still a CYMA in the end.

    On the plus side, this means it makes picking mags easier. Beta Project AK mags fit CYMAs (I can and have confirmed this). Through deduction, CYMA AK mags fit in a Beta Project. Hurray!


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