Loadout: August 19th (Airsoft Gear Game Day)



  • King Arms M4A1 with Colt trades
  • Classic Army RAS (KAC clone)
  • Pro&T AN/PEQ-15 (Insight clone)
  • Element M3X (Insight clone)
  • Dboys KAC-style Vertical Grip
  • ACM TA31 (ACOG) w/ ACM ARMS-style mount
  • Dboys ARMS #40 clone BUIS
  • VFC A2-style Motor Grip
  • Magpul PTS MOE Trigger Guard
  • Element Vltor EMod Stock (with attached Weekend Warrior 2-point padded sling)
  • MAG 190rd “Real Finish”/Magpul PTS 120rd PMAG & TMAG (assorted) Mid-cap Magazines


  • Pro-tec A-Alpha Helmet in OD
  • Emerson H-Nape Harness (Ops-Core clone)
  • ACM VAS NVG Shroud (Ops-Core clone)
  • Arena FlakJak Goggles
  • IR Square
  • Paracord


  • ICE Tactical Battle Belt in Multicam
  • Blackhawk CQC Serpa for P226 w/ Jacket Slot Duty Belt Loop (carries KSC System7 P226R)
  • Gemtech Tactical Retention Lanyard in Foliage
  • Weekend Warrior “USMC style M Pouch” (Emdom Dump Pouch clone) in CB
  • Element Operator’s Retention Lanyard (215 Gear clone) in CB
  • HSGI Taco in Smoke Green
  • Pantac MOLLE 9mm Magazine Pouches (Eagle FB clones) in CB


  • Flyye MOLLE PC Plate Carrier (Eagle Plate Carrier clone) in CB
  • Shark Gear CIRAS Shoulder Pads in CB
  • Pantac Admin Pouch in CB
  • Element CAT (Combat-Application-Tourniquet clone)
  • ITW GrimLoc in Tan
  • Flyye Double M4 Magazine Pouch in CB
  • ITW FastMags Gen III MOLLE in Tan w/ Tactical Tailor 1H Accessory Pouch in CB
  • Pantac MOLLE Single M16 Magazine New Pouch with Insert (Eagle FB clone) in Khaki
  • (not pictured) Flyye Silencer Pouch w/ Element M4QD Suppressor (KAC clone) in CB
  • (not pictured) ICE Tactical Hydration Pack in CB w/ Condor 3L Bladder in OD, secured with ITW GrimLocs and Tactical Tailor Short Malice Clips

If you are an Airsoft player, you may notice that I’m not carrying a radio. That’s right – frankly, my radio (a United Star AN/PRC-148 clone) is quite heavy and I’d just rather not tote that around on my Flyye Plate Carrier set-up as I usually wouldn’t end up using it.

The paracord dealio on the Pro-tec helmet is most definitely inspired by the War Sport “War Bungee” product – I just don’t actually need to carry anything larger than a pen or a pair of gloves or a kill/dead rag, so I wouldn’t be benefiting at all from using bungee.



Photo courtesy of dizzy (thanks, bro!)


2 responses to “Loadout: August 19th (Airsoft Gear Game Day)

  • Luke Takeuchi

    Hey Juicy, how do like the FlakJak goggles? How’s the anti-fog on them?

    • overhoppers

      The ones I got fit my flat Asian face great – not sure if there is an Asian-Fit model of these or not, I was pretty sure that they’re one size fit all. The foam itself seems to collapse pretty good to conform to my face. I like the swivel feature of the attachment of the goggles to the strap – causes less uneven pressure points against my face while the goggle is attached to my helmet.

      Anti-fog is not so great (though pretty comparable to single-pane paintball goggles). As you might be able to notice, I did in fact remove all the Razorback vents. Removal of these vents is a risk I’m comfortable with… no worse than wearing glasses rather than goggles. Only thing that the Razorback vent system helped with was keeping dirt/frag/etc out of my eyes during near-misses around my face when I’m low to the ground/hugging cover.

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