Review: LCT AKS-74N


(gun pictured with Beta Project AK PMags with ranger plates from ehobby as per Juicy’s entry below, as well as a paracord wrapped stock for extra coolness points).

I’ve always been a “Western” gun guy; I very, very briefly owned a Galil, but all my other guns have been ARs, G36s, SCARs etc… That being said, when Airsoft Gear got in a new shipment of LCT AKs, I couldn’t resist adding one to my collection.

For starters, the gun is very, very solidly built. There’s no wobble at all in any of the parts from stock to flashhider/compensator. The thing feels like a tank. The body is made of a solid metal (no pot metal here) and the real wood hand guard is nice and authentic looking; a far cry from other Chinese clone brands.


Performance wise, I was quite impressed with how it performed out of the box. I’ve always been a tinkerer who rarely games guns in stock form – I usually toss in a new tightbore or hop-up rubber before firing my first shot through the gun, but on the advice of Juicy I decided to give it a go right out of the box. Boy was I pleasantly surprised.

The gun shot right around 400fps stock, which means I didn’t have to mess with downgrading the spring. It also meant that I now had a full auto gun (my other three guns are all 425-450fps DMRs). With 0.28g Calibre Six BBs, groupings were surprisingly tight on full auto and more than adequately accurate on semi; I’d say maximum combat effectiveness was 175-185 feet, with the ability to hit targets at ~200 feet with some luck. Rate of fire and motor responsiveness were about what you’d expect from a stock gun.

I think I’ll eventually toss a tightbore and perhaps a high-torque motor in there, but that’s about it… the gun is a solid performer out of the box and I’ll probably keep it stock until something breaks. The quality of the internal parts is certainly above average, as is its field performance. The real draw, however, is in the external quality. Excellent build quality with solid materials makes for a very authentic looking AK that can take a beating and keep on firing – just like the real thing.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that AKs shouldn’t look pretty; they’re meant to look dirty and used. So my very first game day, I went and dragged it through the gravel in the parking lot. Image

The gun didn’t go through that ordeal unscathed – I actually lost the semi function on the gun when a small bit of sand lodged itself into the gearbox’s cut-off lever. I guess I should have closed the selector lever and put a mag in the gun to keep the dirt out. But that was a minor fix, and now the gun looks worn and used… just the way an AK should.

I still need to get used to the mechanics of the AK platform after having spent years on AR-type guns. My reloads are clumsy as hell and I’m still not a fan of AK ironsights… but I’m more than happy with my purchase. You would be too.

Now to re-watch Adaptive Kalash with Travis Haley…


(special thanks to Jeffrey for his mad ninja photography skilzz)

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