Loadout Review – August 25th ASG Game Day



  • -5.11 GP/Medic Pouch
  • -Pantac Double M4 Pouch + Single M4 Pouch
  • -Pantac Pistol Mag Pouch
  • -Pantac Canteen Pouch
  • -ICE Tactical Drop Pouch
  • CAT
  • Puxing-888

Every loadout, in my opinion, needs to carry what I call the Big Three: Ammo,  Hydration, and Tools (which includes BBs + loader, multitool, hop-adjustment keys, spare batteries, etc.). Everything else besides that is just for looks.

This rig contains only the Big Three in a very high speed low drag type of setup, without the need for a separate first-line belt rig or anything on my legs aside from a holster for my sidearm (and if I really wanted to, I could mount a Blackhawk Serpa onto the fold-up bib to make the ultimate all-in-one rig). It allows for maximum flexibility and ease of movement, and is very light weight compared to my other setups which is great during those warm summer afternoon games.

I got the rig from my buddy Joe who wasn’t using it anymore (thanks Joe!), but I eventually wanna pick up a Pantac one so I can have the option of using my MBSS backplate with it (the buckles on this one don’t work with the Pantac buckles on my MBSS). Other than that, the rig is pretty much done.

“Heavy” rigs with tons of bells and whistles look great (especially for impressions, obviously), but every now and then it’s nice to toss a light rig like this on and go run around a bit.




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