MARSOC-inspired Loadout


Sometime last year Juicy roped me into doing a MARSOC/SEALs late 2000s impression. I’ve been adding bits and pieces to it here and there since then.The above is the result – kitlist and details after the break.


  • Systema PTW
  • VFC LMT Crane Stock
  • King Arms PTW TangoDown Pistol Grip
  • Guarder M2 Replica in Element Wilcox Mk.18 mount
  • Madbull DD Mk.18 9.5″ RIS II
  • Element TangoDown Vert Grip
  • VFC PEQ-15
  • VFC M3x
  • ACM KAC Suppressor
  • KWA 1911 Mk.2 PTP


  • Loadout Master MICH 2001
  • ACM Norotos 3-hole Mount
  • ACM MS2000 BB-loader
  • ACM Surefire Helmet Light


  • Flyye Right-Angle MOLLE Belt
  • ICE Tactical double pistol mag pouch
  • ACM 5.56 FastMag
  • Flyye Personal Retention Lanyard
  • Pantac Dump Pouch
  • Eagle GP
  • Bladetech DOH on Blackhawk STRIKE platform + pistol retention lanyard


  • Pantac MBSS
  • Pantac M4 shingles
  • Pantac MBITR pouch
  • Flyye Right-Angle Admin Pouch
  • Pantac MAP
  • Pantac Suppressor Pouch
  • Pantac Flashbang/Smoke Pouch

The impression “mistakes” are somewhat obvious – the MICH 2001 (well, arguably) and the Bladetech/1911 combo are definitely out of place. I do have a MICH 2000 on the way, and am hopefully going to track down a Safariland for the 1911 via a buddy that works at DS Tactical. I also want to eventually track down a quality clone tan EoTech 553 – the real steel is a little out of the question at $750 MSRP. Other than that I’m sure there are other errors that you geardos out there can point out.

That being said I’m pretty happy with the way the impression is going – even if I’m uncomfortable with calling it an “impression” just yet and am more comfortable with calling it a “MARSOC-inspired” loadout. Aside from some minor nitpicks that only major geardos would know about, when I’m on the field with Juicy and Jester (our third MARSOC impression buddy) we look pretty badass, in my opinion, and that’s all that matters. We took some other pics that day that we may or may not upload sometime soon.

Til then, helpful criticism is appreciated. πŸ™‚


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