A Good Morning.


Can an airsofter ask for any better sight at 9:00am on a Sunday?

…well, aside from waking up next to Emma Stone. I guess that would be cool too.


7 responses to “A Good Morning.

  • p3rc_

    U could always dress ur gun up to look like Emma Stone 😮

  • Dice

    I think he should call it “Emma”.

  • Loops

    Maybe if there was an AK in there. Oh and I would change the coffee to Starbucks but besides that your set.

  • Bruno

    Great blog, man!
    My apologies for revive an old post but, I’m pretty interested in the small bag covering the muzzle/silencer of your rifle (black and red colored with “airsoft gear” text on it).
    Here at Spain I have not ever seen something like this before and, although I imagine its functionality, I’m wondering if you can give me some info about it, you know? technical name, where to buy and, maybe, some military ref pics (if exists).
    Thank you in advance, I really don’t know how to get info, google is not helping…

  • overhoppers

    Hello Bruno, buenos dias!

    Thanks for your comment and for following the blog!

    The small bag is what we call a “barrel condom” – basically it is meant to cover your muzzle while you are in the safe zone of airsoft games to protect from any negligent/accidental discharges. To my knowledge it’s not used by any military out there, although I do believe the military has blank-firing muzzle devices that serve a similar purpose.

    I picked up my bag from Airsoftgear.ca. 🙂


    • Bruno

      Thank you for your fast response. I assumed the bag would be a dust cover hahahaha Anyway, I like the simple security solution 🙂
      Regarding the blank-firing device, I remember saw the military using it during training sessions, but never thought about it for use in airsoft.
      I really appreciate your effort talking with Airsoftgear.ca, it’s a very nice gesture on your part.

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