Ergo Grip Tactical Light Switch Mount Kit

Cool switch-mounting solution, huh?

Upon fiddling with the package on the drive home, I figured that the method of installation is actually pretty simple. You stick your pressure switch into the moulded hole in one of the two included top pieces (excuse my lack of a better term), mash the top piece onto the bottom piece, and then mash the whole assembly onto your rail.

Turns out that mashing the whole thing together was not as simple as I had initially thought – if you take a close look in the first detailed picture of the Ergo Switch Mount, you’ll notice that there are 4 small bumps and corresponding holes – these have to line up with one another, while you’re trying to get the top piece aligned into groves on the sides of the bottom piece. Pretty secure way of putting things together, actually.

Included in the package are two top pieces: one for Insight/Insight-shaped pressure switches, one for Surefire/Surefire-shaped pressure switches.

Assembled, it looks like the following:

The grooves on the backside of the Switch Mount line up the slots of your RIS/RAS – it’s really a matter of wiggling things on without pinching the pliable (yet stiff) rubbery-plastic material. (Yup, I still have no idea what material this Switch Mount is actually made out of.)

At this stage in time, I had mounted it directly behind my PEQ with glee… only to find out that my support-hand thumb couldn’t comfortably actuate the pressure switch with the current position of the mount.

So I thought to myself, if this is anything like the Ergo Grips Ladder rail covers, I should be able to just cut it to length. Turns out that I sure as heck can… Problem solved!

And now, I present to you with a relatively large block of text! … After the break, that is.

Keep reading if you’re interested to hear about the backstory behind my search for a switch mounting solution:

(And there’s bonus content below – colour comparison between the Ergo Grips Tactical Light Switch Mount Kit in Dark Earth and other rail covers out there.)

I’ve owned and still currently own a handful of Element/ACM clones of the Surefire M600c Scout Light. I’ve always been a fan of these little lights – durable construction, reliable QC, nice markings, black finish isn’t glossy. With the recent boom of clone mounting solutions out there, I’ve tried quite a number of these mounts for the Scout Light – including the stock mount Element Larue LT272-style Mount, TSC Gear Sector-style Offset mount, Element Larue Offset LT752-style Mount, Element Impact Weapon Systems/Haley Strategic Thorntail-style Mount and Element Impact Weapon Systems/Haley Strategic Dropwing-style Mount.

I still own all of these mounts (most of which currently have a clone M600c bolted to them), but finding a rail to attach one of these to in a manner that will be both functional and look good is the tough part. I recently acquired a Madbull Daniel Defense RIS II in FDE in a trade with a friend (the guy on the left-hand side in the Overhoppers banner), and began to cobble together a rough SOPMOD Block II clone with my WE M4A1 gas-blowback rifle (“GBBR”). Picked up a VFC functional Insight PEQ-15 clone, VFC KAC-style flip up front BUIS, had clones of the CQD front sling mount and the KAC vert. grip kicking around. However, the sides of my RIS II felt kind of bare without a weapon light… the Element M3x clone I had sitting in its original box looked the part but I was unhappy with the way it wobbled, flashed on and off when the GBBR was fired, and was super bulky.

I’ve always liked the lowered profile of offset mounts for Scout Lights, so I ended up settling in with the Element clone of the Larue LT752 paired with the Element M600c as it allowed the light to hug keep the ejection-port-side of my GBBR as low profile as possible, while still allowing the Scout Light clone to barely clear my placement of the VFC PEQ-15. However, being the RIS II is a really damn long rail system, I did have to push the mounting position of my light all the way forward to avoid backlighting my barrel and hence casting a shadow down range… this effectively meant that there was no easy way to access my Scout Light’s click switch, meaning I would have to go back to the dreaded pressure switch.

To clarify on the “dreaded pressure switch” statement, I really don’t like using pressure switches since I can never find a good spot to put them. I’m a thumb-break and thumb over bore kind of guy – figuring out a way to let my thumb do the pressing of pressure switches is really hard (without having to resort to glue or velcro or zap straps – all of which I’ve had fail on me in the past). On my King Arms CQBR AEG, I’ve run a SOPMOD Block II clone of the Insight RMT-400-A8 Dual button remote in conjunction with a M3x and PEQ-15 before, with great operational success (running lights in a strobe-like fashion while killing shit like a boss). I’ve seen and used a friend’s Surefire SR07 remote dual switch – this was a great, low profile way of accomplishing mounting pressure switches to a rail ; however, I do know that the Element M600c’s don’t accept real Surefire switches at all.

So I kept looking for a solution.

And then, I stumbled upon this little gem: Ergo Grip Tactical Light Switch Mount Kit. I never actually got around to ordering one (it slipped my mind about 3 times while doing orders from the States), however I did hear from a good friend who works at DS Tactical in New West, BC that Dave’s actually carries most (if not all) Ergo Grip products in store. Turns out I totally overlooked it while looking around on link here… and it’s CHEAP!

Alright, enough talk. As promised, here’s the colour comparison between the Magpul XT rail cover (FDE), Ergo Grip Switch Mount (DE), Magpul PTS/Ergo ladder rail cover (DE), ACM Larue Index Clip (DE) – named from left to right in the picture.

Actually, come to think of it, the backside of the Ergo Switch Mount reminds me a lot of the Magpul XT rail cover. One major difference, in my opinion – the Magpul XT mounts in a manner that means that the end of the rail panel ends in the middle of a RIS/RAS slot, whereas the Ergo Switch Mount completely covers the last rail slot that it is mounted to. I definitely like the cleaner look that the Ergo Switch Mount gives, though the lack of texture on the top of the Switch Mount gives the Magpul XT panel a little more style/comfort points. Both are approximately as wide as one another, with flared sides that extend over the rail – I use these protective “wings” to route wires under, and I’ve seen guys use these to fix pressure switches in place in the 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, and 10:30 (O’clock) positions around a rail system.



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