FSBE II War Belt

As per my MEU/MFR/MARSOC inspired gear, most of my gear follows the FSBE II specs. FSBE stands for Full Spectrum Battle Equipment and is the issued kit for USMC operators. Among the many items issued, there is a specific MOLLE padded belt issued that is commonly seen in use by MEU/MFR/MARSOC – this is the Eagle Warbelt in CB.

My FSBE II Warbelt (usually) looks like this:

I’ve found that wearing the belt is actually quite comfortable when you use the suspenders. The 90 degree angle at which the belt rides on your waistline (as versus being contoured like many current battle belts are) tends to let the belt slip up and down, even when fully cinched tight. However, the suspenders do their job and suspend the belt at the correct height when everything has been adjusted. The angle of the belt has been a topic of debate between a friend who works at DS Tactical and I for a few days now – my experience with this belt actually has proven to me that a non-contoured belt can actually be quite comfortable if worn with suspenders.

FSBE II issues a number of Eagle Industries FB pouches; FB pouches are pouches with a hard kydex insert inside them that allows for Level 1/passive retention on the contained magazine and retains the opening of the pouch when a magazine is not inside it. These are issued for 9mm pistol mags, .45 pistol mags, and M4 magazines. The passive retention (i.e. tightness of the fit of the pouch is the only thing holding the magazine in place) is backed up by an optional velcro lid – all of my lids are folded down, I like to keep them that way – not only does it look cool, it allows me to perform reloads in significantly less time. You may notice that the majority of my first line kits do incorporate some sort of kydex or FB pouch on the left hand side of the belt – this is something that I’ve learned from tips and tricks from training videos (e.g. Travis Haley) about keeping gear placement as consistent as possible to allow for muscle memory to kick in, in the event of SHTF.

You may notice that my kitlist has a black holster mounted on brown shroud: Safarilands used to be issued to MEU in mostly black, days of MFR you would see a mix of black and brown. The black holster is a left over tid-bit from when I first started doing impressions, of which I was doing MEU with early FSBE II and a SOPMOD Block I blaster. The 600410 leg shroud features a lower profile/single strap leg shroud allows holster to be ridden higher on the leg with more comfort – I’ve seen quite a few pics of operators sporting shrouds that look like this. I have read about operators cutting down their 6004 leg shrouds to similar profiles than the 600410 shroud in order to get a similar result.

The weapon catch and retention lanyard actually play similar roles on this belt – the retention lanyard was the piece of kit I got first. Both of which I use as some sort of weapon catch, as I generally use two point slings, I can leave my sling slacked out and drop my primary weapon’s muzzle inside the elastic of the retention lanyard, securing it in place on my side. This does cover up my magazine pouches on my belt, though I generally only do this when I need the space in front of my body to be clear of snag points (e.g. climbing ladders).

The weapon catch is primarily used for securing my stand alone M203, as a I use a single point sling with it, slung down on my right-hand/strong side. I can quickly and easily jam and/or remove the handguard of my launcher into the open weapon catch. When in place, the M203 is held surprisingly well, prevent it from swinging about when I’m moving around. I do prefer to keep my M203 slung down on my right hand side as this prevents it from getting in the way of my spare magazines located on my belt.

Flyye’s “Right-Angle Belt” is similar to the legit FSBE II Eagle Warbelt (pictured below).

The belt itself is a simple deal – 4 inches wide belt with padding and two channels of MOLLE/PALS webbing on the outside of the belt. There are 3 suspender attachment points and the included suspender system features a small (but unique) back panel that joins all 3 suspenders and generally rides in between the shoulder blades. The belt is secured at the front with a 2in buckle.

Of course, with the many different years of FSBE II kit, there are slight colour differences, design changes and brands/manufacturers may change. If you’re looking for more information on this, there are a few blogs (milfreak.wordpress.com comes to mind), and forums and/or threads (e.g. The Force Recon/MARSOC thread on Airsoft Canada) that mention, picture, and explain this in more detail. I’m not going to bother with that here – this is more of a review of the set up I’ve been replicating and using.


For my kit list of the belt, click the “more” button below.

I know I have made a kit list for this belt in the past, but the list is below for those who may have missed it:

  • Flyye Right-Angle Belt in CB, size L
  • Pantac .45 Magazine Pouches in CB
  • Pantac M16 Magazine Pouch with Insert (New Type) in Khaki
  • Flyye Dump Pouch in CB
  • Element 215 Retention Lanyard
  • ACM Pistol Retention Lanyard (actually, two of them – the tan half is the attachment point I use on this belt, the black half is usually permanently attached to my 1911)
  • Pantac Weapon Catch in Khaki
  • Safariland 6280 Holster for 1911 in Black – painted Coyote Brown
  • Safariland 600410 Leg Shroud in Brown
  • ACM Carabiner with TMC Flex Cuffs (ACM ‘biner is being used here since I won’t ever be using it for climbing or personal retention purposes)

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