Gear Review – Pantac 6094


I have a special place in my heart for my Pantac 6094. Find out why (and peep the kitlist) after the break.


  • Pantac 6094
  • Pantac Canteen Pouch
  • Pantac Double M4 Shingle + Single M4 Shingle
  • Pantac Pistol Mag Pouch
  • 5.11 Medic Pouch
  • Pantac Admin Pouch

The year: early 2010. I was just getting into the world of airsoft. There I was, taking the field in my Condor chest rig and bone stock G&G M4 Commando (which, if airsoft were a video game, would consist of the default character loadout). In fact, I recall for my first game I wore gardening gloves my dad had lying around the garage, because I couldn’t get a hold of anything better.

A month or two later, when I had been fully bitten by the airsoft bug, I decided to invest in a better rig. Y’know, one that actually had MOLLE on it. In the classifieds for the local airsoft club I was a member of at the time was an ad for a Pantac 6094 – I jumped on the offer. The vet I bought it from had had it for a year or two, but had kept it in relatively good condition. Thankfully, it came with some pouches and a MAP, which is now at home on my MBSS.

I must say the 6094 was then and still is my favorite rig. The build quality is excellent, as I’ve since come to expect from Pantac products. Despite heavy use for at least the last two years, it looks just as good as it did when I first picked it up. There is no noticeable loosening of the MOLLE, nor is there any major fraying, rips, or tears. It looks a little more beat up around the edges, obviously, but if anything this just adds character.

Comfort wise, the 6094 is excellent. It doesn’t have too much excess material, particularly around the arms, that could inhibit movement or cause unnecessary heat buildup – I actually owned a Pantac CIRAS for awhile but got rid of it because it was just a little bit too bulky for my taste. The 6094 is just the right size – not too small, not too large. Furthermore, the well-padded shoulder pads keep the weight from digging down into your shoulders, like the thinner, barely-padded MBSS shoulder straps.

I’ve got a pretty average-looking setup on it now… nothing too fancy. Slapping the pistol mag, GP, and canteen pouches on there eliminates the need for me to run a MOLLE belt. All I need to do is slap on my sidearm and my dump pouch, and I’m good to go. Just a few adjustments and it’s good to go for a SEALs impression. I usually run it slick and toss my M4 mags in the kangaroo pouch, but had to use M4 shingles to accommodate my AK-74 mags, as seen in the picture.

In summary, my Pantac 6094 will probably forever be my favorite rig. I learned how to play airsoft with this rig on, after all. It’s now 80% nylon, 15% dried sweat, and 5% pride.


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