Flashback: G&G M4 Commando

That last post on my Pantac 6094 got me all nostalgic. To that end I’ve decided to write a little bit about my very first airsoft gun – my G&G M4 Commando. I named her Emily (I name all my guns, in the great tradition of Jayne Cobb from Firefly). She has a special place in my heart – she was my first, after all, and you never forget your first.

Join me for a trip down memory lane after the break, back when I was a typical airsoft Noobie McNooberson.

I purchased the gun brand new in box from a seller on Craigslist – at the time, the only real airsoft walk-in store was a military surplus store 45 minute drive away, and a poor university student like me wasn’t quite ready to start buying stuff online without taking a good look at it first, so Craigslist was the only option. So I scraped together $300 and met up with the seller and following the shadiest of shady transactions (the dude lived in a mansion and looked like he was in the Triad – I felt like I was in a gangster movie buying stolen underground weapons from an arms dealer) I brought home my very first airsoft gun.

My first thought after ripping open the box was “Wow, this is actually kind of heavy.” Nowadays the accessories alone on some of my guns are probably equal in weight to the G&G, but at the time I had never handled a replica M4 before and so the weight was a bit of a surprise.

I immediately slapped in the magazine, racked the (non-functional – it didn’t even open the dust cover) charging handle, and set about clearing my house of imaginary terrorists, with the occasional reload (I only had one mag at the time, so I dropped the mag out of the gun, picked it up, and put it back in) for dramatic flair. Don’t act like you didn’t do that with your first airsoft gun.

(above: what a noob!)

Performance-wise, the G&G M4 was all I could ask for as a starting airsoft player. G&Gs are kind of like the Honda of airsoft brands; they’re not necessarily the best performing things out there, but they get you from A to B and with a little work they can really shine. With my 0.25g Metal Tech BBs and the three high caps I soon acquired, all I had to do was point the gun in the general direction of my target (my full paintball facemask making actually lining up iron sights difficult), flip the selector to auto, and do equal parts spraying and praying.

Unfortunately I only used my G&G M4 heavily for two or three months in total. The airsoft bug really got a hold of me and before I knew it I had bought a SCAR-H, and then a Classic Army M4, and then a Masada… you all know how it is. But Emily will always have a special place in my heart – she introduced me to airsoft, after all.

One day, I will rebuild her. I have the technology… and perhaps more importantly, the paycheque.



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