Flyye 1961A (LBT Clone) Overview

A bunch of goodies arrived today! First up is a photo of my brand new Flyye 1961A chest rig loaded up with all the gear I’d need for a day on the field.

I’ll be running exactly this set up on the field on Sunday @ ASG Game Day, will do an in-depth review on it after I actually use it for a day. Preliminary messing around with the chest rig has raised a few pros and cons IMO:

  • Side medical/GP pouches aren’t quite big enough to fully enclose a 1 qt. canteen when using the flaps.
  • Rifle mag pouches are large enough to accommodate TWO Beta Project AK PMAGs/Bulgarian AK waffle mags.
  • Flaps for rifle mag pouches are too short to actually fully cover Beta Project AK PMAGs – the hook and loop will barely engage but it seems that the lids don’t like to remain closed with the little bit of attachment that the flap can grab onto.
  • Flyye’s 1961A is a clone of early-gen LBT 1961A, there are subtle improvements made in the later gen that are not present in this one.
  • TONS of space for cramming whatever I want into the chest rig – I could run two radios, carry 7000+ BB’s, and 8 AR15/AK74-sized mags. That’s not even including all possibilities for the little pouches in front of the rifle mag pouches…
  • H configuration of shoulder straps has potential to be quite comfortable (angles of straps and padding is all very well thought out), but it is quite a pain to adjust on your own – I actually had to adjust one on the fly for a squadmate (“Jester”).


… List of stuff pictured is after the break.

– Flyye 1961A CB

Pouches loaded with the following:

  • TM G17 GBB
  • Surplus Canteen
  • 5.11 Folding Knife (meh… but combo edge blade is practical for milsim use and price means I can afford to use/abuse it)
  • 2x TM G17 mags
  • ACM Gerber DET EOD Multi-Tool Clone (really nice clone, comparable to real Gerber EOD Tool for ~1/10th the cost)
  • United Star AN/PRC-148 MBITR Clone
  • BB’s/loader
  • ACM Insight M6 Tactical Laser/Illuminator Clone
  • 7x Beta Project AK PMAG

– LCT AK104

  • Cyma Ultimak Railed Gas Tube Clone
  • ACM Aimpoint T-1 R/G Sight Clone
  • Beta Project AK PMAG
  • 5.11/VTAC Wide Padded 2-point Sling

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