Geargasm – Hammerson Combat MP7 Rail System for KSC GBB

I saw a picture and tidbit about this little guy over on Popular Airsoft (link to the KSC MP7 Rail “The Fin” here). I guess I’m not entirely crazy… looks like the Airsofters over at Hammerson Combat (link goes to their Facebook page) also felt the same way about the crummy MP7 vertical grip that I do.

Now, if I had a KSC/KWA MP7 GBB SMG, this is the one thing that would make it even more cool. Asides from the initial cost (mags are quite expensive IMO, but when armed with the System7/NS2 gas system, I could play with this little guy all year round), the included folding vertical grip drives me nuts. It’s a little too stubby to broom-handle it, yet there isn’t quite enough space in front of the grip for me to really go all out thumb-break with it (see below for depiction, diagram about the Magpul AFG from Oh, in case you haven’t seen me play or set up my guns, I really like running guns with a thumb-over-bore thumb-break dealio with a vert grip. Yeah, MP7 front ends are a little too small for that, I guess.

The Hammerson Combat MP7 Rail System (picture above from is very good looking as well – totally cool that someone actually came out with a product that solves this problem for me. It definitely is very similar to the Wilcox MP7 rail (pictured below on HKPro Forums), though it appears that the rail sections are modular, like the stock MP7 rail attachment or the current trend of modular rail sections in AR hand guards and tubes. I really liked running an AFG or RVG on the Madbull TRX 13.0 I used to run on my WE M4 GBBR – the lack of rails on the sides of the tubes made everything just fit my palm way better. Same goes on the MP7, the rails on the side annoy me quite a bit – being able to attach a larger vert. grip AND remove the side rails at the same time makes me feel way better about the potential for the MP7 to fit my hands.

Oh wow, that looks really good.

Do want.

Might be time for me to pick up a KSC/KWA MP7 when this simple little rail comes out. Dammit all, I thought I had just enough guns as is. Ah darnit all, I do want to hop onboard that crazy SEAL/DEVGRU impression train going on with what seems to be all Airsofters.

Airsoft… you cray. You cray-cray.



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