Story time!

Today I was playing at Airsoft Gear’s game day; I found myself in a situation where I could have easily cleared a structure. This structure ASG Game Moderators generally refer to as “the tunnels” – a set of 5 buildings with elongated ~3’x3′ tunnels connecting the 4 outer buildings with the central one. Turns out I was totally paralyzed with fear at the thought of entering a dark place in order to get two kills.

It wasn’t the confined space (I didn’t get claustrophobic when I wandered in there previously, nor am I lacking in CQB skills and equipment), or the lack of security in the surrounding area (3-4 friendlies had overwatch in and around the structure – the area outside of the tunnels was completely cleared of threats a few minutes ago) that inhibited me from kicking doors down and taking names.

Instead, it felt like I’m 3 again – I’m still afraid of the dark.


To those guys that I let down by not getting my ass in gear and clearing that structure… yeah… I’m sorry.

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