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Loadout Review: October 21st ASG Game Day

Basic Kitlist:

  • FAST Helmet Replica (tan w/ paintjob)
  • Flyye FAPC (RG)
  • Pencott Greenzone BDUs
  • Condor Nomex Flight globes (Tan)
  • Flyye Duty Belt (Tan)
  • Arc’teryx Military Knee Caps (Coyote)
  • 5.11 Boots (Coyote)
  • Ares G36c
  • KWA M226 PTP

A little late, but this was my loadout for the ASG Game Day a week or two back. As you can see the Ranger Green of the FAPC goes real well with the Pencott – so much so that it’ll likely be my go-to rig whenever I wear Pencott. The FAST helmet, shemagh, and Arc’teryx knee caps (review coming soon!) are part of my usual rig for any non-impression days.

The Ares G36c is a little random, I know. I purchased it a while back, sold it, then bought it back when I realized I wanted a light, short barreled AEG that I could tinker with (and the quick spring change feature was useful for indoor CQB games). It’s internally stock, yet I’ve always been impressed with the range/accuracy I could get out of it, considering the short barrel  – I’ll likely run it without any accessories to keep it as light as possible. I’ve always been a fan of how easy it is to pick up the G36c iron sights anyway. Might toss a tightbore in there and maybe a high torque/speed motor eventually, but that’s about it. The Magpul PTS G36 PMags feed/fit perfectly, and have the great PTS PMag internals I’ve come to love over the years.

Overall, I’m very happy with this loadout. Might pick up a couple more G36c PMags (only have 3) and perhaps some new boots (the 5.11s are getting worn out a little), but that’s about it. Also in the market for some new midweight gloves – I have the Oakley SIs (heavyweight) and the Mechanix Originals (lightweight), but I’m looking for something in the middle, and preferably in tan. Suggestions?



Tactical Bathroom Clearing!

So after fooling around with with a KWA MP7A1 GBB (belongs to callsign “DXN”), I want one…

Video credits go to callsign “Antares.” Other player in video is “p3rc” (pronounced “perk”).

Video clip taken during Indoor CQB Game at RIP on Oct 25, 2012.


Gentleman and Scholar Award #1 – Jester

The Inaugural Gentleman and Scholar Award goes to Jester for the awesomeness captured in the above photo. Congrats, Bro.



Looks to me like WE has a pretty decent functional prototype thus far!

This second video clip I found here:

Seems to me that WE is coming up with their own design, rather than cloning a TM as with the vast majority of their GBB pistols done before. TM is in fact supposed to have a M&P GBB coming out as well, though the wait has been rather long, IMO. Seeing as how WE does in fact have a working prototype before TM, this does lead me to believe that this R&D could be what we can begin to expect out of WE in the coming future. After all, WE was the first company to come out with GBBR (gas in mag) variants of the following: G36, AK and the only manufacturer with a M14.


VFC IAR Front-End Kit

Dang it. For those of you who have been following Overhoppers since we first started, remember when I was getting hyped about the potential release of a VFC M27 IAR in AEG format?

There’s a conversion kit that will allow current VFC HK416 users to get the IAR look out of their AEG or GBB (handguard, barrel extension, charging handle latch, and stickers). I recently saw this as being available for pre-order on in Hong Kong.

Link for the pre-order:

However, the kit won’t fit V1 HK416 (V2 HK416 are the new Umarex/VFC ones with licensed HK trades), according to WGC’s product information. Unlucky for me, as my Dboys appears to be a clone of VFC V1 HK416… gah, this sucks.


Flyye FAPC – Gear Review

Unrelated bromance time:

One of the cool things about having bros like Juicy and Jester is that occasionally, you get free stuffThe three of us buy so much gear, guns and accessories that we can’t possibly use it all – thus, when someone needs something, chances are one of us has it and isn’t using it, so we give it to him knowing full well that someday we’ll get something back in return.

Several months ago I ended up giving Juicy my Pantac CIRAS Maritime – it was a little too bulky for me, and just not my cup of tea. Last week, I was dropping by Juicy’s place when I noticed the above FAPC lying around. Turns out Juice had ordered it but wasn’t going to use it… so, guess what, he gave it to me.

I love you, Juice.

Full review after the break.

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PTS released new PMAGs for Systema PTW and TM SOPMOD!

Oh, snap.


For Systema PTW –

I’m actually tempted to pick up one of those two platforms now (however, as before, funding either one of those is still an issue).

Now, if only PTS would produce PMAGS for WE GBBR…


Pictures from and links for – perhaps not the most reliable Hong Kong online retailer out there, but they do get some of the cool new stuff in stock and uploaded to their online retail store very quickly.