Featured Affiliate: Loopsrainforest YouTube Channel

Say hi to another member of Fireteam Bro – Loops (see picture below from months ago). If he isn’t tearing it up in some awesome European military impression or another (Swedish kit with the Swede’s M90 camo pattern seems to be the Loops fashion lately), he’s on the field snapping photos or taking video clips.

He’s got his very own YouTube channel where he posts this game play footage paired with some easy-to-follow captions and some bad-ass music. Link to his channel is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Loopsrainforest– I highly recommend that you subscribe to his channel, it’s constantly growing in views, subscriber base, and content. Check this awesome short clip out – it involves both Dizzy and I fighting to hold a flank against an onslaught of incoming baddies:

As per Jester one fine evening: “Loops, you’re the coolest white guy I know.” … I second that.



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