Random Airsoft Musings: Sidearms

(L to R: KWA 1911 Mk.II PTP and KWA M226 PTP)

Sidearms are just accessories to me.

There, I said it. No, I’m not a pistol guy – Juicy is much of a pistol enthusiast than I am. He is, after all, known in the local airsoft scene as the “GBB Whisperer”. But for me, sidearms have always been more of an accessory, a cool toy, something to complete your loadout or allow you to use a DMR (sidearms are mandatory for DMRs in all of our local clubs), but that’s pretty much it. I certainly don’t rely on my sidearm to perform the way some other people do.

Further random ramblings on sidearms after the break.

I can probably count the number of kills I have in my airsoft career on my ten fingers. I draw them occasionally to clear a structure, or when my gun is hit, but they usually spend 95% of any given game day in my holster – if they are ever drawn at all.

Its not even that I have crappy sidearms – the KWA guns are more than adequate performance-wise. Certainly not as effective as a modded TM, obviously, but they do the job at 50 feet or less and have above-average external quality. I guess it says a lot about my views towards airsoft sidearms if my biggest requirement of them is that they look good in my holster.

And it’s not that I don’t like sidearms – I can appreciate a tricked out 1911 or Glock just as much as the next guy, in the same way that someone who isn’t really into cars can still appreciate a Lambo or Ferrari when one goes cruising by. But sidearms are relatively low on my list of airsoft priorities. I have my two sidearms, and aside from picking up an HK45 (which are, like, sold out everywhere) for my SEALs impression somewhere down the road, I think I’m done with pistols.

(pictured above: the unicorn of airsoft pistols – the KWA HK45)

The fact of the matter is (and feel free to disagree with me), I just don’t think they’re worth spending a lot of money on. They are obviously, with some extreme exceptions, outperformed by the majority of primary weapons out there and given the choice, obviously you’ll be running your primary 95% of the time. Spending $300+ (+ extra mags and a holster system) on something that you may fire ten rounds off of in a given day doesn’t seem worth it to me.

To summarize, I guess I’m just not a sidearm kinda guy. Given the choice between buying a sidearm and, well, pretty much anything else, the latter will win every time.

What are your thoughts on sidearms? Sound off in the comments.


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