Flyye 1961A User Review

So I ran my Flyye 1961A chest rig this past Sunday – not only did it look super cool, it worked out quite well.

This post is a follow-up to my previous article: Flyye 1961A (LBT Clone) Overview.

Read on for my player’s opinion on the 1961A design after the break.

Stuffed a ton of stuff in there (not literally), went through 8-12 mid-cap mags x 120-140 rounds in EACH of the morning and afternoon sessions. Man… I dumped a ton of ammo in one day.

Carried more than enough BB’s to cooperate with this rate of fire. Also carried multitool and 1x spare pistol mag, BB loader, and urns out that putting these in my right-hand side pouch worked best. Stored my 1 quart canteen into the opposite utility/GP pouch.

The whole package is lightweight and relatively low profile. There is rather significant bulk on the 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock due to the radio pouches and utility pouches being stacked on top of one another. No SAPI plates, way less bulk on the rig. Only thing that I honestly needed asides from the chest rig was a dump pouch – the personal preference to not dump my mags and loose my empties kicks in here.

Discovered that the shoulder straps were super comfortable with the padding. However, I did not have the issue I was foreseeing with the H-configuration (note that I generally wear my RRV’s shoulder straps in a cross configuration) – the centre adjoining part was a little counter-intuitive. I was surprised at how comfortable it was, even though the back of the harness had bits of material jutting out in weird angles (see below picture – e.g. the small webbing looping back under my arm pit). It did mean that donning and doffing the rig often resulted in the harness twisting around on itself quite a bit… yet, at least it was super obvious to figure out if the straps were tangled up when I was wearing the chest rig.

With an AK platform, the 1961 worked quite well. Plenty of space for stacking 2 mags in each pouch – ran 8 mags in the rifle mag pouches, 1 in the left radio pouch stuffed next to my radio, and 1 mag in the gun.

The lid length was a tiny bit short to easily encompass the Beta Project AK mags with Magpul PMAG baseplates – took a bit of fiddling if stuffing both mags into a pouch on the fly.

Rifle mag pouches lack elastic to keep a single mag retained somewhat without the flap. Nearly lost a mag when I grabbed a mag in a rush and failed to close the flap over the single mag left in the pouch. When the rifle mag pouch that sits behind the pistol mag pouches is emptied out, the pistol mags just flap around there – kind of annoying.

With my M4A1, the 1961A worked like a charm. Similar problems as with retaining a single mag in the rifle mag pouches.  However, the magazine length of M4 mags worked out way better with the magazine flaps.

Radio went into the left side pouch behind the utility/GP – whip antenna + clone AN/PRC-148 meant that the whip antenna was poking me in the jaw bone most of the day, had to reverse the way my radio was orientated in the pouch half way through the day so that the antenna was closer towards my centre-line. Did not use PTT’s or headset with the radio, ended up having to pull out the radio whenever I needed to communicate over comms.

Sidearm went into the right radio pouch, used the elastic there to keep the trigger guard from dipping too far into the pouch. I didn’t use the strap with buckle to keep the sidearm in there, at the cost of having a lack of weapon retention. Turns out that using the buckle really makes my presentation of my secondary weapon all but impossible in any degree of timely fashion.

So there it is – my new chest rig. Simple to use, easy to carry a whole bunch of stuff. In one word, “awesome.”


Photo credits go to DXN – thanks man! (I’m not even sure if you read this blog)


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