I have a problem

Hello, my name is “juicy” and I have an addiction to Airsoft.

The following is my story:

For those who don’t know me, I usually spend a few hours a day planning out what I’m going to dump more of my Airsoft budget money into. Sometimes these projects don’t always pan out, though I find that this is part of the fun of the hobby as a whole. It’s not entirely about the end result for me, I definitely have more than enough fun at home as compared to some of the run-and-gun game play that I’ve been experiencing lately.

On one hand, most of my guns start off as $200-500 with the base gun alone, though there are usually upwards of $200 worth of internal upgrades installed. This amount doesn’t even include the 10-ish mags which can total between $150-400, as I don’t skimp on potentially semi-functional mags. External upgrades (including rails, stocks, grips, optics, lights and lasers) usually run close to $300.

On the other hand, gear gives me a serious hard-on sometimes. I mean, we’re talking about spending money on pretty high quality clone gear (i.e. Flyye and Pantac) with small bits of real, made-in-the-USA stuff mixed in between. I was pricing out a brand-new Flyye Land CIRAS and necessary pouches to make that kind of a plate carrier a feasible option for a full day of game play on the field – turns out that I’m spending on average $300-400 per rig. I currently have 4 plate carriers, 2 chest rigs, and 2 dedicated battle belt set-ups. That’s not including all the small belt-mounted bits (e.g. holsters) that I own… and yet, here I am, looking at spending¬†more money which I don’t yet have on more good-looking Airsoft stuff.

Winter is coming – can’t use my GBBR another week. Looks like it’s time to get my AEG collection running at it’s peak. So now I have a choice – fix and upgrade my current collection further, or continue with one (or maybe multiple) of those projects I have in mind. An HK416 AEG would be cool (picture of real HK416D comes from http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/the-usas-m4-carbine-controversy-03289/):

My most recent project that I’ve got in mind is completing a US SOF look – Army SF (“Green Berets”) or Navy SEALs, so I can go along with the stuff Dizzy and Jester like to run. This will involve finishing up a Flyye EPC set up, as well as getting my greasy mitts on a HK416 AEG. Aw man, that’s nearly $100 of pouches and misc. bits of gear, $300-500 worth of gun, and $200 worth of internal upgrades. Not to mention that my TM G17 GBB (intended sidearm for this new look) needs an overhaul internally as it’s not working as great as it should be –¬† another $100-200 worth of parts, taking into account the parts that will likely do nothing for the gas consumption of the pistol but will look damn cool on paper. Well, at least I have all the externals I’m looking to mount onto that HK416 thus far. Gah, I have… about $400 that I can spend without starving for the end of the month? Dammit all – can’t finish all these potential projects up all at once, even though I really want to.

Man, I hate my Airsoft budget with a passion sometimes – how I manage to afford to have a roof over my head and feed myself is beyond me at times.

On that note… I ordered myself a Dboys HK416 from Airsoft Depot. It just shipped out today, I’m super excited!!!!!!!! I’m planning to paint it with Krylon Khaki and some other misc FDE/brown spray paints I have kicking around, then beat it around to get some semi-legitimate looking wear on that sucker. I ordered a small bunch of Element internal parts since they were on sale for Hong Kong National Day over at Airsoft Park (I really like that place now, relatively quick to ship out the door, a few bucks more than Ebairsoft but way better customer service. Customers get store credit for writing brief reviews and stuff and I gave a less-than stellar review for an AEG piston with shoddy QC. Guess what? They emailed me asking if I could send them pictures so they could make me, the customer, happy with my purchase in the end!). I already have functional G&P PEQ-2 or Pro&T (VFC-clone) PEQ-15 to mount, plus a few Element M600c Scout Lights. I’m half way there, in terms of external bits and pieces.

Oh, wait – dammit all. I did it again.



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