Loadout Review: September 30th ASG Game Day

Last week I ran what I guess I would consider my “normal day” loadout – that is, my loadout whenever I’m not doing the MARSOC impression with the other members of Fireteam Bro. Essentially this consists of my 6094, covered in a previous post, along with my p226, AEG of my choice (in this case, my Systema PTW with the DMR/civilian upper), and my Pencott Greenzone BDU, which is the official camo of Team RICE.

Thoughts on Greenzone, my PTW DMR, and more action shots after the break.

I think my team has a love/hate relationship with Pencott Greenzone – half of us love it and wear it every chance we get, and the other half hates it with a passion. I fall somewhere in the middle – I love my MARSOC impression days, obviously, but there’s something to be said about wearing the same camo as your buddies and getting that “team unity” vibe. I come from playing hockey, and it’s not like you could just ditch your jersey for another one just because you didn’t like your colors – those are team colors, and they bind you together into something greater than the sum of your individual parts. In hockey, they tell you who you should pass to, and who you should check – in airsoft, who you should shoot and who you should cover.

All this being said Pencott is certainly an effective camo pattern. You may look at me in some of the pics and think I stick out like a sore thumb, but the fact of the matter is from 50+ feet away, and with the sunlight in your eyes, it’s very easy to blend into your background with this stuff on. From what I’ve read Pencott is meant to give off a 3D-like look, with its larger solid patterns mixed in with smaller patterns. I’m certainly looking at picking up a set of Pencott Badlands when I get a chance – as you can see, the Greenzone is meant more for spring/summer seasons and Badlands will likely be more effective in the fall/winter.

You’ll notice I didn’t wear a helmet today, which is relatively uncommon for me. I figured since I was running my DMR upper on my PTW I was going to be a little further off in terms of engagement distance, and so I could go without the extra protection of the helmet (which has saved me from many a painful zinger, let me tell you). It was just me and my trusty Guiness toque that day. 🙂

My Systema PTW (overview coming soon!) performed quite well, which as some of you know is something of a rare occurrence at times. It’s been pretty iffy for me lately – some days (like this day) it worked flawlessly, and other days it will just stop working for no rhyme or reason. My buddy Ali, from whom I bought the gun, says it’s probably the motor… but who knows? When the gun works, it works. I know anyone can build an AEG that can reach up to 200 feet, but the PTW can do it with consistency and accuracy from shot to shot.

All in all, this was a satisfying game day, with lots of kills and a ton of (equally important) laughs as Fireteam Bro was up to our usual hijinx. I wouldn’t really change anything with my loadout, aside from perhaps finding a way to mount a TACO to my brand new (and totally awesome) Flyye Duty Belt that Juicy got me for my birthday (thanks bro!). The 6094 lets me carry just what I need without being overly burdensome and letting me run around when I need to.


One response to “Loadout Review: September 30th ASG Game Day

  • overhoppers

    FYI, I’m one of those naysayers to Pencott – the pattern is so effective that it hurts my eyes to look at it. This doesn’t bode well for me when I wear the top and bottom and am spending time looking at my arms or legs when trying to grab stuff off my rig. Many a day with Pencott has ended in massive migraines for me… just saying.

    Hey Dizz, here’s a hint – thread Malice clip on back of Taco around the belt and secure clip normally. It works, even though it may flop around a tiny bit and will require you to pry the clip off if you want to move it from belt to belt. =)


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