Airsoft Storage Solutions – Thanks, IKEA!

Pictured (L-R):

  • Systema PTW w/ DMR/Civilian upper
  • LCT AKS-74N
  • Ares SR-25 Carbine
  • Systema PTW Mk18 Mod 1 upper (on floor)
  • Classic Army M249 Para (on floor – way too heavy to rack)
  • super awesome limited edition HALO 3 Xbox 360

It happens to every airsofter eventually – your guns and gear slowly accumulate until eventually your room starts to look less like a place for sleeping and more like an armory for a zombie survival game.

What you see above, my friends, is the LAIVA Desk (I bought it for $40, but now it’s only $24.99!) from none other than your friendly neighborhood IKEA, turned upside down and made into a makeshift gun and accessories rack. The overturned desk provides a sturdy way to rack your guns and more than enough room for all your magazines, plus a convenient upper rack for suppressors, optics, stocks, etc. – all in a lovely brown/black finish that will convince the ladies that you’re a classy gentleman type of airsofter, not some sort of unwashed peasant that leaves his guns lying around like some sort of savage.

What about you guys? Do you have some sort of storage solution for your guns? Sound off in the comments.


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