Review: Loadout Master MICH 2000 Replica from Airsoft Gear

As per my MARSOC loadout post, I’ve recently been in the market for a quality MICH 2000 clone to replace the MICH 2001 I was using. The MICH 2000 is much more commonly seen with MARSOC than the MICH 2001, and plus I wanted to match closer with Juicy and Jester’s lids – I’ve always felt that having matching gear with your buddies significantly increases the coolness of any impression.

Thankfully, Julian (and sponsor/friend of this blog) over at Airsoft Gear decided to give me a Loadout Master TC 2000 (their version of the MICH 2000) for review. Huzzah!

Before/after pics (with helmet kitlist) and general (very positive) impressions of the replica after the break.

Above is the helmet as it was given to me by Julian – it looks kind of like a cartoon whale, I know. My very first thought as Julian handed it to me was how light weight it was – a definite plus, considering this thing will be on your head for a whole day. It’s definitely lighter than my MICH 2001 and significantly lighter than my Ops-Core FAST helmet replica (although to be fair, that helmet has rails and a bunch of toys on it).

The helmet’s light weight doesn’t belie any lack of rigidity; build quality is solid, and there’s no sign of flex at all. I certainly wouldn’t say this is safety-rated, but it’s more than enough to protect you from a BB/tree branch to the head.

I’m not particularly picky about the strap system of my helmets – so long as they keep my helmet on my head that’s all I really need out of them. I know Juicy is a big proponent of custom strap systems, but I’m not as picky. For what it’s worth, the replica does have official looking MSA labels on it. The strap system is adjustable enough for large noggins, which is great, because I’ve got a head the size of a beach ball. Quality of the strap system is solid. The padding inside is more than adequate for the purposes of cushioning your head from the helmet, but if you disagree Airsoft Gear sells Loadout Master padding that is a little closer to the real deal stuff.

As I’m sure you guys know I wasn’t going to game this thing without tossing a whole bunch of stuff on it in true Dizzy fashion. A half hour’s worth of tinkering/gluing/taping/spraypainting, and this was the result:

I started by giving the thing a light dusting of Krylon Black so it wasn’t so ridiculously bright (although now I think I could’ve gone a little heavier on the paint). Then I tossed the below on it:

  • ACM Norotos three-hole NVG Mount (the helmet doesn’t have pre-drilled holes, so you’ll have to drill your own)
  • Loadout Master Cat-Eye reflective band
  • Custom B21 Callsign Patch from MilanWG over at Airsoft Canada
  • Duct Tape with Callsign
  • Velcro from my old MICH 2001
  • ACM MS2000 strobe replica
  • ACM goggle retention straps (thanks Juicy!)
  • Loadout Master Surefire Helmet Light replica, also from Airsoft Gear

All in all I’m very happy with the way the helmet turned out. The replica itself is very high quality and more than adequate for airsoft purposes, particularly for anyone looking to do an impression based on units that use the MICH 2000. I highly recommend it. 🙂

The Loadout Master MICH 2000 replica is available at Airsoft Gear for $49.99 CAD (which is a steal!).



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