Flyye FAPC – Gear Review

Unrelated bromance time:

One of the cool things about having bros like Juicy and Jester is that occasionally, you get free stuffThe three of us buy so much gear, guns and accessories that we can’t possibly use it all – thus, when someone needs something, chances are one of us has it and isn’t using it, so we give it to him knowing full well that someday we’ll get something back in return.

Several months ago I ended up giving Juicy my Pantac CIRAS Maritime – it was a little too bulky for me, and just not my cup of tea. Last week, I was dropping by Juicy’s place when I noticed the above FAPC lying around. Turns out Juice had ordered it but wasn’t going to use it… so, guess what, he gave it to me.

I love you, Juice.

Full review after the break.

I’ve been toying with starting an OD (Olive Drab) or FG (Foliage Green) based loadout in recent months – I’ve only ever had khaki or coyote brown gear, and needed a change of pace. But I had never considered a RG (Ranger Green) loadout… that is, until I actually saw this thing in person. RG is an awesome color. A little more subdued than OD, and a little less stark than FG can be.

The first thing you’ll notice about the FAPC is how remarkably light it is. Juicy put it best when he said that it’s “essentially just for carrying plates.” That’s a fitting description, as the FAPC is essentially plates with molle on it. The benefits are obvious, as it allows for a very lightweight, high speed loadout with excellent allowance for maneuverability and ventilation, while still allowing you to carry a moderate amount of magazines and gear. I have it set up very minimally, with three mag shingles up front, and that’s it.

The back is equally minimalist, with just an Eagle M249 Pouch (thanks to Mike and Ali at DS Tactical for the suggestion!) for BBs, BB loader, and Gatorade. The side buckles on the FAPC allow me to (in a fashion similar to the MBSS) spin the rig around so the M249 pouch is now facing my front – this allows me to access my BBs/hydration on my back without taking my rig off. On a rig like the FAPC where molle space is at a premium and I don’t have room on my front for a GP pouch, it’s important to be able to make use of the space on your back.

I guess it goes without saying by now that Flyye makes quality products – in fact, I would rate Pantac and Flyye as the best replica gear makers out there. There are some slight differences between the Flyye material and the legit Eagle material of the M249 pouch – the material feels like it’s a little higher quality, the stitching is a little tighter, the color is a little closer to true RG, but these are things you wouldn’t notice from arm’s length and certainly not on the field. The FAPC is well constructed and will likely be a go-to rig for many months to come, and I’m sure it’ll hold up well.

I actually ran the FAPC at yesterday’s ASG gameday – look for a full loadout post in the coming days.

In summary, the FAPC gets the Dizzy Seal of Approval ™. It’s a solid piece of kit for those days when you wanna go HSLD – or high speed, low drag, as the airsoft kiddies are so fond of saying these days.


(thanks again to Juicy, without whom this review wouldn’t be possible, and to Ali and Mike at DS Tactical for the M249 pouch)


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