VFC IAR Front-End Kit

Dang it. For those of you who have been following Overhoppers since we first started, remember when I was getting hyped about the potential release of a VFC M27 IAR in AEG format?

There’s a conversion kit that will allow current VFC HK416 users to get the IAR look out of their AEG or GBB (handguard, barrel extension, charging handle latch, and stickers). I recently saw this as being available for pre-order on WGCshop.com in Hong Kong.

Link for the pre-order: http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=special&item=VFC-HGD-IARSET-BK01&search=special&rs=New%20Release&catid=&cat=

However, the kit won’t fit V1 HK416 (V2 HK416 are the new Umarex/VFC ones with licensed HK trades), according to WGC’s product information. Unlucky for me, as my Dboys appears to be a clone of VFC V1 HK416… gah, this sucks.


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