Looks to me like WE has a pretty decent functional prototype thus far!

This second video clip I found here: http://wa20000hybrid85.militaryblog.jp/e356212.html

Seems to me that WE is coming up with their own design, rather than cloning a TM as with the vast majority of their GBB pistols done before. TM is in fact supposed to have a M&P GBB coming out as well, though the wait has been rather long, IMO. Seeing as how WE does in fact have a working prototype before TM, this does lead me to believe that this R&D could be what we can begin to expect out of WE in the coming future. After all, WE was the first company to come out with GBBR (gas in mag) variants of the following: G36, AK and the only manufacturer with a M14.


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