Loadout Review: October 21st ASG Game Day

Basic Kitlist:

  • FAST Helmet Replica (tan w/ paintjob)
  • Flyye FAPC (RG)
  • Pencott Greenzone BDUs
  • Condor Nomex Flight globes (Tan)
  • Flyye Duty Belt (Tan)
  • Arc’teryx Military Knee Caps (Coyote)
  • 5.11 Boots (Coyote)
  • Ares G36c
  • KWA M226 PTP

A little late, but this was my loadout for the ASG Game Day a week or two back. As you can see the Ranger Green of the FAPC goes real well with the Pencott – so much so that it’ll likely be my go-to rig whenever I wear Pencott. The FAST helmet, shemagh, and Arc’teryx knee caps (review coming soon!) are part of my usual rig for any non-impression days.

The Ares G36c is a little random, I know. I purchased it a while back, sold it, then bought it back when I realized I wanted a light, short barreled AEG that I could tinker with (and the quick spring change feature was useful for indoor CQB games). It’s internally stock, yet I’ve always been impressed with the range/accuracy I could get out of it, considering the short barrel  – I’ll likely run it without any accessories to keep it as light as possible. I’ve always been a fan of how easy it is to pick up the G36c iron sights anyway. Might toss a tightbore in there and maybe a high torque/speed motor eventually, but that’s about it. The Magpul PTS G36 PMags feed/fit perfectly, and have the great PTS PMag internals I’ve come to love over the years.

Overall, I’m very happy with this loadout. Might pick up a couple more G36c PMags (only have 3) and perhaps some new boots (the 5.11s are getting worn out a little), but that’s about it. Also in the market for some new midweight gloves – I have the Oakley SIs (heavyweight) and the Mechanix Originals (lightweight), but I’m looking for something in the middle, and preferably in tan. Suggestions?


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