Attention “Jester”: Newly Released WE GBB!

Remember that WE M&P I mentioned about 2 weeks ago? Yeah, it was released Sunday evening (according to updates from WE’s Facebook page) in Hong Kong and has hit the shelves of at least one overseas retailer’s online store.

More pictures and details and updates after the break.

I saw it on Airsoft Global just now: (that’s also where the above pictures have not so subtly been taken from, hence the digital watermark).

Typical WE: note the lack of trades. The front sight appears to be a moulded-in sight post to the slide. Finish on top of the outer barrel/chamber appears to already be rubbing off in the demo model at Airsoft Global.

Multiple grip backstrap options are included (not sure what’s going on with the pink ones). If the PX4’s (and other recent releases from WE) are any indication of how WE’s quality is getting better, this actually might be pretty good for the price… minus the niggling things I noted in the above paragraph. Ambidextrous slide stop and the trigger safety have been demonstrated as functional in the few YouTube clips I’ve seen prior to the release of the WE M&P clone.

It’s only $90 USD on Airsoft Global! Dammit all, that will translate into roughly a couple hundred to get a new one of these in Canada. Ah well, c’est la vie.


Nov 7th, 2012 update: CO2 mag for M&P

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