Random Airsoft Musings: Helmets

(pictured above: FAST helmet replica with usual ton of unnecessary but cool-looking accessories)

Helmets are an interesting topic when it comes to airsoft.

The most obvious benefit to wearing one is the extra protection it provides not only from shots to your dome, but also from miscellaneous tree branches, building structures, and other such things you may bump your noggin into. Impressionists and gear nuts (like ourselves) will argue that wearing a helmet adds a greater sense of “realism” to the sport – most soldiers (aside from hardcore ninja special forces types) wouldn’t leave base without their helmet on, so why should you?

Naysayers will say that the protection may be necessary against bullets but not against BBs – if you get hit in the head, then shrug it off, buddy! They will say that it’s too much weight on your head, that it constricts your ventilation, or that it makes your head a more visible target (which is true with non-painted lids).

Valid points on both sides. My (long winded) thoughts after the break.

I didn’t always wear a helmet – I got my first replica MICH 2001 about halfway through my first year of airsoft when Juicy started wearing a MICH 2000 and I thought hey, well, I want to look cool too. At the time it was less about physical protection and more about looking cool. It was another bit of kit to make me look more like the dudes in Modern Warfare 2.

Over time I’ve come to wear a helmet regularly. I’ve picked up a lighter MICH 2001, and then one of my favorite bits of airsoft kit – the FAST helmet you see above. I’ve also recently picked up a MICH 2000 replica to round out my MARSOC impression.

I think airsoft helmets have become a way for me to really get into the airsoft “mindset”. I used to play a lot of hockey, and as a goalie my mask was something I took a lot of pride in – I looked long and hard for a design I liked, and I added a custom cage, throat protector, and strap system. But more importantly, I wasn’t geared up until I put that thing on. Right before faceoff I’d close my eyes, put the mask on, then open my eyes again. At that point I was fully focused on the game and throwing myself in front of frozen rubber.

Perhaps some of that has carried through to airsoft. I put my first and second line on, sling my primary and holster my secondary… but I’m not “geared up” in my mind until I put my helmet on. I guess that’s why I wear a helmet: it gets me into the zone.



5 responses to “Random Airsoft Musings: Helmets

  • jeff

    Hey! I have been searching high and low to find someone with a FAST helmet and JT Goggles!

    I have been told that they will not fit, but that obvi isn’t true! Can you email more details about this setup?
    It looks really great and love that you have JT goggles modded into the Helmet Clips!

    Thanks for any help, jeff.drumheller AT gmail . com

    • jeff

      sorry, my emial is jeff.drumheller270 AT gmail.com

      Thanks man!

      • overhoppers

        Hi Jeff, hope you don’t mind that I’m replying to you here instead of email. šŸ™‚

        My JT goggles fit quite well with the FAST helmet, as you can see in the pic – the “ridge” of the helmet fits perfectly along the top of the goggles and results in a secure fit.

        I modded the goggles to fit the helmet by cutting off the straps and tying them to the clips that came with the FAST helmet. The clips are a little small for the straps – I believe the clips were meant for oxygen masks – but after some work they fit just fine. I tied down the loose ends with some hockey tape, and bam! goggles that fit perfectly with the FAST helmet.

        This also has the additional benefit of allowing you to strap your goggles to your helmet instead of around your head, which relieves pressure on your noggin and eliminates the dreaded “goggle headache” some of us experience after a long day of airsoft, especially in the summer months. Plus, it lessens the chance that your goggles will be accidentally ripped off, since they’re kind of attached to your helmet. šŸ™‚

        Thanks for the visit, and please let me know if you have any further questions about the set up!


  • jeff

    Awesome! Thanks for the reply! I have a set of JT Proflex goggles (I don’t wear the mask part) and was worried a FAST helmet wouldn’t it them.

    Also, what brand is the helmet in the image? I have a larger dome and worried about fit haha. Thanks!

    • overhoppers

      Hi Jeff,

      I got the helmet in the above image from airsoftdepot.ca – it cost $119 CAD plus shipping. It’s a very high quality replica. I have a giant noggin too (I can’t wear most hats and had to get my goalie mask custom made, lol) and I essentially had to tear out all the padding and cut off the Head-Lok adjustment thingy to get it to fit. It fits like a glove now, but not without some modding. Chances are your dome is smaller than mine, so you should be fine. šŸ™‚


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