My Briefcase

Seeing as I work in the Airsoft industry, it is considered normal to bring one of these “tactical briefcases” the following to work with me every day.

Say hello to my Condor double gun bag. This replaced a whole series of fairly terrible gun bags that I’ve had in the past. That being said, this isn’t the best gun bag available, nor is it the “best” gun bag that I’ll ever own, but it is definitely getting the job done on a daily basis.

As you can see above, there is a ton of space in this gun bag. I’m not even using it to its full capacity on a daily basis – I’ve packed a slightly longer version of the same gun bag with 6 short-barreled Airsoft AEG’s on a regular basis. However, my personal bag does allow me to carry 2 AEG’s in a manner that prevents them from knocking into one another during transport (thanks to the padded divider). Tools, accessories, parts, mags, paperwork, as well as various other supplies for both my guns (and myself – like that surplus 1qt. canteen) go into the outside zippered pockets and included MOLLE-attached pouches.

As a salesperson at a locally-based Airsoft/Paintball company, I find that being able to show off what I put on my guns helps others figure out what they may want (or not want) to put on theirs. Well, that and the fact that I just get to show off my stuff is cool too… My buddy “Jester” knows what I’m talking about – he does the same thing with his toys at another local Airsoft store.


P.S. My paid work in the Airsoft industry is separate from this blog – this is done on the personal time and interests of Dizzy and myself. This also explains my terrible pictures as my camera struggles to keep up with the lighting I have available at home – no sponsors to pay for a better camera for me. Just felt like I should make this crystal clear for those who may mistake Overhoppers for something else.

2 responses to “My Briefcase

  • Kevin

    Hey I live in Lethbridge Alberta and was wondering where I could buy one of these from ?

    • juicy

      No clue where to find one of these in Alberta, sorry. My Condor double rifle bag breathed its last breath of fresh air a few years ago, after developing a number of bad tears in the sub-par nylon material.

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