Fireteam Bro MARSOC Impression Day

(L to R: DXN – Bro 23, Jester – Bro 24, me (Dizzy) – Bro 21, Juicy – Bro 22)

It was MARSOC Impression Day today for Fireteam Bro. At the very end of the day we decided to do some tinkering with our guns out on the speedball field we use for a range. I grabbed my camera, and the below photos were a result. Note that new Fireteam Bro member DXN hasn’t had time to put together a MARSOC kit yet, so in the pics below he’s rocking his SEALs impression – complete with AOR2, LBT 6094 slick, and MICH 2001 (all real steel stuff)! His geardo attitude fits in perfectly with Jester, Juicy and I.

Anyway! On to the pics, after the break.


Good times.



7 responses to “Fireteam Bro MARSOC Impression Day

  • Southpaw

    I never thought I would see a MICH 2000 that looked too small on someone…. Until I saw Dizzy today 😛

    But sweet impressions guys! If only more guys around here would do them, airsoft wold be so much cooler….

  • overhoppers

    Southpaw – you should see how much padding I took out of the MICH to make it fit me with the Sordins on… I have a ridiculously sized noggin lol.


  • Southpaw

    Well I had to try hard not to laugh while you were doing the safety speech. But once you put the paintball goggles on its not so bad. And its a pretty kick ass MICH 2000 set up you have, goes really well with the rest of your MARSOC kit.

  • overhoppers

    Lol. Meh, unfortunately most MICH replicas come in only one size… or am I wrong? Anyway, perhaps I’ll find a larger sized (real?) one someday. Damn my melon! I had to get my goalie mask custom made too, lol.

    Your team’s gear is coming along pretty well too. A couple of you guys in the grey look pretty nicely geared up. Then you come along in your belt rig and G&G rental lol.


  • Southpaw

    Real they would most likely have a M/L or L/XL size, although for replicas I have no clue. I’m going to assume it’s one size fits all.

    Yeah my friends look pretty cool. They’re gear is cheap stuff but it works for them. And yeah I know LOL. My M249 and JPC is in the mail, should all be here by the 25th. After that I need some new pants and a couple little things and then I’ll be done until I try to start my MP7 DEVGRU loadout for the summer. Can’t wait!

  • DXN

    10,000 BB’s in 1 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jester

    marsoc so hot right now…..marsoc

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