King Arms M4A1, SOPMOD accessories

With thanks to DXN, I’ve recently been able to finish up my SOPMOD M4A1 accessory kit with a M203 grenade launcher.

Currently, my King Arms M4A1 is sporting the following:

  • barrel-mounted M203 QD with standard 12″ barrel
  • clone ACOG TA31 (I do prefer this QD mounting system over the “correct” thumbscrews that tend to loosen up)
  • G&P KAC-style 600m folding BUIS
  • 14.5″ barrel, with A2 birdcage flash hider with notch for M4QD suppressor
  • Classic Army KAC RAS (differences between KAC RAS and RIS are listed here) from Dizzy’s old CA M4
  • PRO&T functional AN/PEQ-15 with flashlight and red laser
  • VFC CQD rear sling mount
  • King Arms front sling mount (I still don’t know who makes the real one of this)
  • Element VLTOR EMOD stock
  • Magpul PTS trigger guard

Some basic information about the SOPMOD accessory kit and my take on this build is after the break.

For a more personal touch, I’m using an Element clone VLTOR EMOD stock which allows for a number of benefits to this user. Longer length of pull at retracted positions, increased length of buffer tube lipo space, additional storage compartments built into the stock, QD swivel mount, sloped cheek weld, as well as rounded toe on the rubber butt pad – definitely more comfortable and utilitarian as compared to the standard SOPMOD (Block 2) LMT Crane stock, in my opinion. I’m also using a Magpul PTS trigger guard AEG version in black, as this bridges the gap between pistol grip and trigger guard and definitely helps the comfort of my bare hands. Real SOPMOD M4’s often sport Magpul accessories, so I felt that a simple trigger guard modification was fitting.

I’m running Block 1.5 stuff on my M4 – essentially Block “1.5” accessories (e.g. AN/PEQ-15) were the mix used in the transition between Block 1 and Block 2.

As per a photo of USSOCOM of the SOPMOD M4 Block 1 accessory kit (below, this copy is taken from Wikipedia), this is more or less what I’ve limited myself to. Later versions of the Block 1 accessory kit include the option of KAC RAS or RIS, CQD rear sling mount, and KAC 600m back up iron sight. USMC do use ACOG TA31, M203 with long barrel, as well as other minor revisions to the SOPMOD accessory kit specific to the Marine Corps. The Block 2 accessory kit includes newer bits, some of which you may have seen in previous Overhoppers posts or on the field on my personal King Arms M4A1.

(The above image comes from



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