Hunting Season

I’ll be running hunting camo with “Jester,” eventually. We’ve been talking about doing something a little different quite a bit lately, so… hell, why not? When done right, it looks kinda cool and actually works surprisingly well. I’ll probably need to pick up a set of Multicam pants to go with this shirt though, as woodland pants just don’t look all that great with a hunting camo top.

Since this photo was taken, I’ve actually redone my Flyye Plate Carrier (EPC look-a-like) to run slick on the back – this way I can actually utilize my newly-bought Flyye HAWG Hydration Backpack (similiar to a Camelback HAWG pack) with a plate carrier. Currently, I’m planning on stashing all of my 3rd line stuff into that pack, allowing me to quickly ditch it if “shit gets real” and/or I need more mobility – likely what will happen is that I’ll be taking it off when getting into confined, CQB areas. My stand-alone M203  will be strapped on and a handful of 40mm, a hydration bladder, extra ammo,  and spare batteries will be dumped into the pack.



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