November 18th ASG Game Day Loadouts – Fireteam Bro

(above: doesn’t Juicy look ridiculously happy?)

Above were our loadouts for today’s Airsoft Gear scenario game at Panther Paintball in Surrey, BC. As you can obviously see, the theme was black tops + woodland bottoms, along with chest rigs and (not shown), backpacks. It being a scenario game, we decided to pack needed milsim supplies (extra BBs, food/drink, etc.) in our third line backpacks. We also decided to pack backup AEGs – Juicy and I strapped our 416s to our backs, and Jester carried Juicy’s AK. This was a great decision for Juicy in particular, as he decided (once already on the field) not to use his King Arms M4A1 in favor of his 416.

Altogether the chestrig/third line pack setup worked great for this “mini-milsim” type of game. It allowed me to carry needed supplies in my pack, while the relatively light chestrig allowed me to stay mobile without weighing me down like a plate carrier would – this was a definite benefit in longer games like this one.

Two more completely unnecessary Fireteam Bro pics after the break.

(above: yes, we’re classy gentlemen.)

(above: classic Fireteam Bro pose.)



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