KSC P226R vs. Sig Sauer P226

Here’s a special treat, made possible by an anonymous friend of mine (his gun’s serial number has been obscured at his request). I’ll let the pictures talk about my personal KSC System 7 Sig P226R GBB side-by-side a real-steel Sig Sauer P226 in 9mm:

A ton of photos showing comparisons of each are below. There’s also a review/summary of my findings and how each felt compared to one another at the very end of this post. It wouldn’t fit (that’s what she said)… but seriously, keep reading past the break.

Side profiles:

The magazine wells:

The sight pictures:

The grips:

The markings:

A quick field strip:

Alright, that’s about all the pictures that I took that turned out semi-decent with the terrible lighting I have in my living room. I did check to see what’s compatible during the field strip – pretty much the spring guides and recoil springs are the only things that would swap between both smoothly. The slides and slide rails on the frames fit surprisingly well with each other during my preliminary testing, though differences within those components prevented a proper fit. Magazines and barrels weren’t even close to fitting with the other components.

Of course, the metal barrel in the real deal Sig made the balance of the real Sig more muzzle-heavy as compared to the KSC Sig GBB which was more grip heavy (with an unloaded magazine inserted in each). Asides from the difference in balance, the KSC definitely felt a little heavier overall, though the real Sig P226 would likely weigh more with a loaded magazine.

The material of the KSC frame was heavier than the Sig frame. Conversely, the Sig slide was heavier than the KSC slide – this made sense to me, considering how both operate on different principles.

The springs in the real Sig P226 were heavier, of course – namely the recoil spring and hammer spring. Though you could swap recoil springs, I’m 100% sure that neither would function properly without it’s respective recoil spring. That being said, I would hazard a guess that the trigger return springs and decocker lever springs were pretty close to each other in terms of strength, though the heavier hammer spring in the real Sig meant a heavier trigger pull and a more stiff decocker.

As with my KSC, the hammer on the real Sig does in fact return to a half cocked position after dry firing on an unloaded chamber – the hammer does not remain all the way forward like most other Airsoft GBB Sig P226/related guns tend to do after a trigger pull and allowing the trigger slack until it resets.

On the real Sig, the magazine follower and follower spring had enough tension behind them to actually push an unloaded magazine out of the magwell, even if the baseplate was pointed directly to the sky. On my KSC, the follower does sometimes struggle to keep feeding heavier weight BB’s when they get jammed on a fleck of dirt. Argh!

This particular Sig P226 does not allow for the user to slam a loaded magazine into the gun to drop the slide forward and chamber a round in one aggressive movement, though my KSC P226R GBB does allow for this.

Being as my KSC is modeled after a different model/generation of Sig than the real-steel example I had in front of me, there are obvious differences in the externals. That I cannot confirm or deny in terms of accuracy of the replication of the real deal, without having access to the same Sig P226R that my KSC was modeled after.

The grip panels on both feel very much alike, as do the front strap serrations on the grip portions of the Sig and KSC frames. All in all, it feels like the dimensions of the grip as well as the grip angle is bang on – I’ve often found that Airsoft GBB’s aren’t always 100% to spec, but this KSC Airsoft GBB feels like a pretty accurate replica of the real-steel Sig in terms of dimensions.

Do note that both guns are more or less in stock form. The only noticeable modifications are as follows: my friend’s Sig P226 wears Trijicon Tritium sights, whereas I tacked on NiteSiters’ DaySiters fluorescent dots onto my P226R. Thanks to this friend, I can attest to FrogLube working on Airsoft GBB guns – he’s been using it on his real and Airsoft guns and helped me apply it on my Airsoft KSC P226R as well.


Thanks go to my friend for letting me snap some pictures when he swung by after his range day. You know who you are – much appreciated!

And also, do excuse the lighting and overall photo quality. I’m doing a pretty half-assed job of getting some sort of decent photo-taking set-up at home done… but I’ll get there eventually. In the meantime, I do appreciate all of you guys sticking with it and reading up on Overhoppers as much as you do!

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