New Build Preview: VFC/G&P HK416

I’ve been in the market for a new SBR-length full-auto AEG build for awhile now. I had a lot of the parts already – I had bought a high-speed gearbox from ASC and had salvaged some Magic Box/Modify parts from a G&G gearbox I had lying around that I pulled from an M4 I had bought awhile back. I had an Element High-Torque motor from that same build, and a friend happened to be selling his VFC 416 conversion kit… so my choice for my next AEG build was pretty obvious.

General thoughts on the G&P gearbox and VFC externals after the break.

I had already owned a full VFC 416 a year or so ago, but sold it to finance another project I had going on at the time. Thus I was already familiar with the high quality of the VFC externals – everything is solid, well made, and fits together well. Semi-realistic trades are present, as per the pic above.

Unfortunately, the right side magwell contains an unfortunate amount of safety text, which I’m sure was part of Umarex’s licensing agreement with Heckler & Koch. It’s not enough to ruin the look of the gun, but it’s definitely a bit of an eyesore – it’s a safety briefing, right there on the side of your gun! I’m still trying to come up with a way to erase/cover up the text… any ideas, anyone?

The overall quality of the externals does make up for the safety text,  however. The rail in particular is solid as a rock. I’ve stuck rail panels only on the rear third of the rails as I’ll be magwell gripping this gun like a bawss. If James Bond can magwell grip a 416 in Skyfall, I can too. I’ve always preferred to magwell grip shorter guns like this one anyway, as there isn’t a ridiculous length of rail/barrel forward of the grip to warrant a foregrip/AFG. The magwell grip also lets me get a nice, tight stance with my arms close to my body. This works for me, anyway – as per Juicy’s post on foregrips, your mileage may vary.

I have a Surefire 900 series clone on there, because I like the look of large flashlights on shorter guns.

Internally, it’s mostly based around a G&P custom gearbox I bought from a user on ASC – mostly G&P bits plus X-High Tech 13:1 high speed gears. I’ve tossed a Magic Box spring guide and cylinder head in there, along with a Modify (I think) nozzle. The cylinder is a random one I had lying around, long with a piston from the bag of random pistons Juicy let me borrow. The spring is only shooting 340 fps – you can have velocity, you can have speed, but you can’t have both. It’s shooting around 27 BBs/second, which is pretty much around where I’d like it to be for a high speed setup.

I tested the setup briefly after the scenario game this past Sunday, and it didn’t blow itself up, which, as anyone who knows my track record with gundoctoring, is nothing short of a miracle. I had some feeding issues (had to push the mag up while firing) but I’m hoping some velcro shims inside the magwell will solve that problem.

I’ll game it for the first full day this coming Sunday and will report my results here – there’s about a 37.41% chance it will tear itself to shreds before lunchtime.




3 responses to “New Build Preview: VFC/G&P HK416

  • Drift

    Looks great Dizzy! Treat it well. 🙂

  • perry

    how did the bolt catch turn out when you swapped gear boxes?

  • overhoppers

    Hey Perry,
    The VFC kit came with some sort of mechanism to allow for any gearbox to use the bolt catch system, but unfortunately I guess I couldn’t figure it out. Either that or the G&P box wasn’t compatible with it. Either way, the bolt catch is non-functioning (I can still pull the charging handle back to access the hop, but I have to close the bolt cover manually). Otherwise, no issues with using a G&P gearbox with the VFC 416 kit.

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