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(above: Airsoft Park order. No, the stuffed Tactical Elephant was not part of the order.)

Seeing “Item successfully delivered” on your computer screen is probably one of the things airsofters most look forward to. It means you have awesome stuff waiting for you when you get home. This particular box of awesome stuff came from Airsoft Park.

Juicy turned me towards Airsoft Park awhile back. The prices are more than reasonable, and include shipping, so I figured hey, why not, may as well give it a shot. I placed a small order – only three (cheap) items, nothing fancy – as a sort of test order. I have to say I’m pleased with my purchases, although the shipping could have been quicker. Alas, it’s not Airsoft Park’s fault, as Canada Post (boo, hiss) kind of dropped the ball on this one.

Details on the order after the break.

I ordered two NVG mounts – one Norotos universal three-hole replica (for the MARSOC impression) and a VAS Shroud replica. I tossed the Norotos replica on my MICH 2000 as soon as I could. The VAS shroud was meant for a TMC Airframe replica I bought before I realized it was way too tiny to fit my melon, so it’ll probably go to the friend I sold the Airframe to. Both replicas are well made, although truth be told they’re really just slabs of plastic so it’s kind of hard to mess these up, especially when I won’t be hanging real NVGs off them anytime soon. They look good, they stay on my helmet – that’s all I really need from them.

Far more interesting is the Military Action (MA) 6.03 363mm inner barrel, which will be going into my 416. The reason it’s 363mm is because it was originally purchased for a 14.5″ barrelled VFC SCAR-L that I don’t have anymore; I decided to toss it into my 416 and turn it into a carbine. Thankfully, Juicy had a 416 front flip up sight and I had a 416 barrel extension, so converting it from SBR to carbine was a painless process. The carbine length necessitated a foregrip; I find magwell gripping carbines to be less comfortable than SBRs. I may buy a second hop unit with a 300mm barrel to allow me to switch between the two lengths at will.

Military Action is a relatively unknown brand that I’m actually familiar with – I had the exact same barrel in my old Classic Army SCAR-H, which shot like a dream. Juicy recently picked up a 300mm MA barrel for his DBoys 416 and I’ve been very impressed at the accuracy and range he’s able to achieve with it. At $25 shipped, what’s to lose?

For what it’s worth, the inner barrel came very well packed. It was in a plastic tube that was covered in foam, then tape, then placed in a cardboard tube before being placed in the cardboard box you see above. I approve.

All in all I’m happy with this “pilot” order – I’ll be using Airsoft Park again. The slow shipping time (three weeks from when I placed the order) was compounded by the fact that Canada Post decided to “redirect [the package] to new address” despite the fact that I’ve been living in the same place for 7 years. That added another unnecessary two days to the delivery time.

In conclusion, thumbs up, Airsoft Park. Thumbs down, Canada Post.



2 responses to “Haul – Airsoftpark.com

  • overhoppers

    Diz, if you’re using my front flip up HK sight, can I use your front fixed rail-mounted HK/diopter sight? Also, I’m running a 285mm barrel – this looks way better with 10.3/10.5 outer barrels with standard A1/A2 birdcage FHs. The 300mm will be exposed within the flash hider, and that look really bugs me – hence I went Military Action over some of the other cheap-er tightbores out there since it is actually available in a 285mm length (plus the fact that it is stainless steel, and I remember how well your CA SCAR-H shot with that barrel).


  • Joemetric

    I still have the ones that came with my xcr Juicy you can have. They are BNIB

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