Magpul PTS PDR-C – coming soon?

(above: Magpul PTS PDR-C  prototype – pic courtesy of Popular Airsoft)

Popular Airsoft is reporting that Magpul PTS’s long awaited PDR-C AEG is nearing release – or at least, it looks like that way. For those not in the know, the PDR was Magpul’s attempt to create a PDW type of weapon that fired the 5.56 round. Unlike the ACR, the PDR never made it past the concept stages as far as real steel goes; Magpul PTS, however, saw potential in the design for airsoft.

It’s an interesting design, to say the least – it looks a bit like a Magpulized P90, with the benefit of being able to (presumably) use the M4 STANAG mags that everyone has a dozen of. The fact that the gearbox is almost completely proprietary may turn some away, but there are plenty of people (myself included) that will buy anything that comes out of Magpul’s doors. Might make a nice CQB/secondary weapon.



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