Loadout 11/24: Slick + Hunting Camo

Ran hunting camo with my new TMC Slick set-up this past Sunday. Found that 2+1 primary mags (2 on rig, 1 in gun) actually works pretty good for me. It’s just enough for most firefights or periods of time that require me to be ready to fight – anything more and I’m loading mags directly from my pack or bumping fresh mags from the top of my my pack, and onto my rig (empties go back into the bottom of my pack).

Turns out my Dboys HK416 finally screwed up – the motor height adjustment screw & bushing basically fell apart while I was running and gunning… Finally found an excuse to run my LCT AK104 again, and man, I have missed that gun. Carbine-length barrel with AK controls and side-folding polymer stock feels amazing – that’s why I bought it in the first place. Question – should I paint my AK and wear it?

Anyway, kit list is after the break.


  • Beta Project PMAGs for AK
  • Cyma railed gas tube
  • ACM T-1
  • Larue index clips

TM Glock 17 Custom

  • Tokyo Marui G17 magazines
  • OP M3 tactical pistol light
  • Guarder frame (Tan)
  • PGC metal outer barrel
  • 5KU night sights
  • 5KU lanyard loop grip plug

TMC 6094 Slick (Multicam)

  • King Arms SAPI dummy plates large
  • Element V-Lite (Red)
  • Various patches, tools, etc.

TMC Assault Panel (Multicam)

  • Tactical Tailor 1H GP/utility pouch (Coyote Brown)
  • HSGI Taco magazine pouch (Smoke Green)
  • HSGI Taco magazine pouch (Smoke Green)
  • ICE Tactical double pistol mag pouch (Multicam)
  • 5.11 Tactical/VTAC nylon radio pouch (FDE)

Flyye HAWG backpack (Ranger Green)

  • Loadout Master MICH TC 2000 helmet (OD) + FMA Norotos Universal NVG shroud (Tan) strapped to my pack

Blackhawk Riggers Belt

  • TMC G17 + M3/M6 holster
  • Blade-Tech G17 double magazine pouch
  • Flyye dump pouch (Khaki)
  • Element 215 Gear personal retention lanyard (Tan)

Arena Industries FlakJak goggles (Black)

Cabella’s long-sleeve camo shirt (Seclusion 3-D)

Tru-Spec Tactical Response Uniform “TRU” pants (Woodland)

Alta Tactical “SuperFlex” knee pads (Multicam)

Merrell (can’t remember what model) hiking boots

Photo credits go to “Antares.”



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