VFC/G&P 416 After-Action Report


See how there’s a barrel condom on that gun? Well, that’s because I didn’t use it very much.

Find out why after the break.

Unfortunately, the awaited debut of my VFC/G&P 416 was a short-lived one, as it suffered from feeding issues right off the bat when I was testing it in the morning (it oddly fed perfectly at home when I was testing it). Feeding improved when I pressed the mag up into the magwell, but I obviously wasn’t going to run the gun with one hand on the bottom of the mag all day, so I decided not to use it. I used my PTW instead… until that went down (I suspect it’s the rear chip, which has always been an issue – a full set of FCC boards is on the way).

On the plus side, I can report that the 416 shot relatively well when it did feed – ROF, range, and accuracy was right around where I’d like it to be with the MA inner barrel, Systema hop bucking, and Element H-nub combination I was running. If only it could actually feed… Juicy and Jester and I suspect it can be fixed with a new magazine catch – we’ll see. It’s certainly not the Magpul PTS EMags I was using, as those have fed perfectly in every other STANAG AEG I’ve fed them to.

The fact that I didn’t have any working guns meant I spent the afternoon just running games/admin duties (which came in handy when we had to call a rare Gun Safe due to a player falling through the roof of a structure). I also took some neat pics with the DSLR which I may or may not post.

Oh yeah, and I somehow lost the front barrel bushing and recoil spring on my KWA 1911 PTP, making that essentially useless until replacement parts are found. So all three of my guns went down in one day. Hooray.




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