Painted LCT AKS-105


I recently traded Jester for his brand new LCT AK-105 receiver/stock – hence the different stock. This allows me to run my sling(s) through the skeleton stock. This makes everything surprisingly easier, as I prefer to be slung up while I shoot.


I’ll be doing the wear by hand and regular usage (paint job definitely inspired by the AK-74MN from the video game Battlefield 3). I’m relying on the light 1-2 coats of non-Krylon paint having difficulty sticking to grimy/greasy surfaces – this allows me to rub the paint off in certain areas (e.g. pistol grip). It was initially supposed to be more brown than green, but I guess that’s what I get for guessing at the colours on long-rubbed-away paint can labels in the spray paint cabinet at work. The paracord wrap is something to keep the cold metal away from my face when getting a good cheek weld (look it up online for how to do it yourself) – that’s something I can’t stand about metal stocks.


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