LCT AK Carbine: After-Action Review

Turns out I have indeed very much missed running an AK. For the past two weeks (hence two game days), I’ve run my LCT AK-104 with AK-105 skeleton stock/receiver. I did paint it (link to previous post here)… though I’m not really sure what colours ended up on there. With a little scuffing around on the carpets at the office, I developed some very minor wear. And then I played with it, today.


This is what you get. Though not 100% of the wear is from actual use – all of it is done naturally (i.e. with my hand or a gloved hand handling the AK and manipulating the controls). I do expect it to wear further, as the paint used is probably not going to stick on the unprepped surface. However, the worn, painted look is what I’m going for anyway. Oh well, it’ll look better with age.”Dice” (a fellow Airsoft player) mentioned to me that the paint job looks like the AK’s you see in the new Medal of Honor: Warfighter video game, though I haven’t actually gotten my copy from a guy who works at EA yet… *hint hint, Arc9*Read on for a bit of tech talk in regards to my findings with the internals and results of a few simple upgrades.

Anyway, I did end up putting in a few upgrade parts. I recall that when I got home with my brand-new LCT the day I took bought it, I swapped in a torque CYMA short-type motor (blue end bell) that cycles a tiny bit quicker on semi – not too fast to over-cycle or be too loud, but just fast enough that I can spam the trigger and not lock up my gearbox.

The front end started to wobble once or twice – all it took was snugging up the two grub screws that fasten the front end to the receiver. I’m not sure how I feel about this design, as of yet. Though it’s simple, it is prone to loosening up every once in a while.

Out of the box, the LCT selector was a little stiff. A quick job of bending the selector (the end of the lever that is closer to the muzzle) slightly away from the side of the receiver fixed that.

Running FireFox 11.1V lipo’s, Beta Project AK PMAGs (link to my story on those is here), and a CYMA railed gas tube in an Ultimak style ,with an ACM T-1 Micro Aimpoint seemed like a pretty sweet set-up. It looked cool. It sounded cool. It didn’t break.

That being said, I wanted more – I knew I could squeeze more performance out of my AK… and this is why my AK sat in a dark corner for the majority of the summer and fall. I cracked open the gun for the first time last week, and discovered that the LCT gearbox is just as awesome as the LCT externals are. Full metal rack on the polycarbonate piston, steel standard/flat gearset that was actually shimmed right out of the box, 3/4 port cylinder with external grooves, bearings on steel spring guide and on flip-side of metal piston head, switch contacts that weren’t burnt out even after running an 11.1V 20c lipo for a number of game days. No failures thus far. “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” – so I just left it and closed it back up.

I didn’t remember to check compression while I had the gearbox open, but it actually did chrono incredibly consistently (+/- 2 FPS, if my memory serves correctly) at 400 FPS on 0.20g BB’s with hop up backed off all the way the day I bought it.

“Kampfer” (my supervisor at work, and Airsoft-tech-guru friend from since I started playing Airsoft) noted that I could grab some stuff he ordered in at work for use in my personal guns at staff pricing. So, I took a peek through the various internal goodies that came in, and ended up settling upon a Systema hop up rubber (or “chamber packing”) and a Madbull 6.03mm “Black Python Ver.2” 363mm tightbore. Whoa – what a difference that made. Out of the box, my LCT had trouble hopping a 0.30g BB – in fact, the 0.30’s didn’t travel any straighter than the 0.25’s (this could be due to the lube-soaked hop up bucking, and/or the not-perfectly-smooth stock-LCT “tightbore” brass inner barrel). Now, I’m tagging a torso-sized target at approximately 170-180 ft. with a double tap, and consistently so on 0.30g ammo. It’s not the best gun out there, but it’s pretty damn good – more than good enough to deal with anyone trying to shoot me within my LCT’s effective range.

Now, I’m not sure if my LCT just wasn’t as good as the others, but many of the wooden-furnitured LCT AK’s from that batch that I purchased mine from shot waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. As a matter of fact, one of the RPK’s had an effective range of over 200 ft… I mean, what the heck? I probably got shafted.


… Mine looks cooler, though.

LCT “AK-104” is perhaps not the most accurate terminology for this AK, as the way I’m running it. I’m calling my LCT an AK-102 due to the fact that it’s got the shorter, carbine-length barrel and runs 5.56 NATO-shaped mags. It could also be considered an AKS-105, as that spits out the Russian 5.45 round (“poison bullet”), which has mags that are roughly the same shape and size, and also features a side-folding skeleton stock.

But that’s just AK-purist talk. I’m not really that much of an AK purist… at least not one that is comparable to true AK purists. That being said, it does bug me when people have a mix of 7.62-curve and 5.45-curve mags on them, or when a 5.45 mag goes into an AKM or AK-47, or when people mistakenly use AKM/AK47/AK74/etc. But, that’s beside the point.

So, to summarize: LCT offers one kick-ass, accurate Russian replica, Airsoft AK AEG with full steel externals and reliable gearbox. For the price I picked mine up for (full retail pricing when the first LCT order came in at the place I used to work at), it was impossible to say no. Even at current local prices, I’d still recommend people to pick one up – the value you get out of this guy is tough to beat for a Russian-style AK AEG.


Sorry for the ranting style of writing on this one. I apologize because it resulted in a significant amount of text. TY if you read it; I understand if you don’t.


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