Haul 03/01/2013 – eHobby Part 1

First off, Happy 2013, guys.

So for those of you who don’t know this, I do a lot of ordering from eHobby Asia. I mean, I have spent a ton of money there. More than most Airsofters would feel comfortable discussing, probably – no guns; only parts, accessories, mags, and gear.

Here are the major highlights from my most recent eHobby order:


What you’re looking at are 3 items:

  • Tokyo Marui 40rd Long Magazine for M1911A1 GBB (Silver)
  • CYMA CQB Flash Hider (14mm CCW)
  • DYTAC T-1 Red Dot Sight w/ AD Stlye co-witness QD mount

First impressions of these items after the break.

So, first up, TM 40rd mag for 1911 – excellent thus far. Only slightly heavier for enhanced gas and BB capacity. Longer length of the mag seems to actually make loading the mag into my TM MEU’s magwell easier. Got this one after discovering one of these on Kampfer’s desk at work and trying it in my own 1911’s. Will be testing the performance of this mag in the -2 – 0 degrees C outside this weekend, I hope… in a highly scientific manner (not).

CYMA flash hider is designed as a Bulgarian Krinkov Muzzle Break, and yes – it does incorporate a 14mm to 16mm adaptor that lets me use this on my LCT AK! Jester is just as excited about his as I am; we did some testing on his AK to figure out if it changes the muzzle report when dry/live firing when I picked up my eHobby parcel this morning. And yes, it does change the sound. Baller.

DYTAC T-1 AD-Style Co-Witness Mount was the product I was more looking to buy, but figured I might as well get the whole T-1 and mount package as I’ve had very good luck with all the ACM-originated variety of T-1’s I’ve owned (not including G&P and AABB variants). The DYTAC T-1 actually came in an ACM T-1 box with a DYTAC logo and label printed on a piece of paper and taped onto the box… lol, it’s just an ACM T-1 R/G which I generally find are worse than the red dot only models in terms of the darker tint in the tube. Irregardless, this product is my highlight of my entire order. This is what makes my HK416 now complete. Previously, I had found that a Larue lower-third high mount for T-1 raised my dot to an uncomfortable height. I needed to either use a cheek riser (ugly, IMO) or lower the mount (required new mount) to help me snap the gun on target even faster. The DYTAC American-Defense-clone Co-Witness mount for T-1 incorporates American Defense’s neat little mount design that features interchangeable risers – very cool, even though I’ll never use it for this. Full on “AD style” trades – thanks, DYTAC! The American Defense style of QD lever is replicated here, though it doesn’t lock up as well as it’s supposed to. Don’t get me wrong – my QD lever will never loosen up enough to release the mount from receiver, though there is significantly more play in the snugged position of the QD lever than there should be on this design. It just bugs me, but yet it works as its supposed to, at the height its supposed to. I can most definitely overlook this as there is only one other ACM T-1 mounting option that allows me an absolute co-witness mounting height on the market that I know of.

I’ll get more into some of the other items I picked up, as well as do proper, in-depth reviews of the products that deserve them, eventually.

Once again, Happy New Year! As Dizzy said, I am definitely glad that you guys have continuously supported us on this blogging journey. I’ll keep you all posted as I’ll be buying some cool new stuff when I go back to work… that is, after I get over this frigging jet lag. Gah.



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