First Impressions: KWA Kriss Vector

So I got my hands on a KWA Kriss Vector today at work…

Oh, did I mention that this is the first KWA Kriss Vector in BC, Canada? Yeah, I was the first one to hold it. Yup, that makes me pretty cool.


The two round burst (as shown in the video clip below) worked extremely well. I could see that being very useful in an Airsoft game – a double tap in a single trigger pull.

The following pictures are slightly blurry as I just snapped these with my phone camera, when I was supposed to be “working.” Sorry.

Note that the bolt (loading nozzle) does indeed tilt as the Super V system does in the real Kriss Vector.


Kriss markings are all there, though slightly blurry in the following pics, they are very clean and distinct on the KWA.

The pins involved in the field strip of the KWA Kriss are held in place by spring detents on the pins – I’ve watched videos on Youtube of how to field strip the gun. They are secure enough to not fall out unless you’re really trying to punch them out – definite plus, as pins falling out of your gun is always going to result in a bad day.


Controls are largely on the left side of the receiver. I’m not sure how I feel about this… manipulation of these various paddles, buttons and switches seemed awkward during my first few minutes of handling the KWA Kriss. Note the position for the 2-round burst on the ambidextrous fire selector lever. I’ve watched videos on Youtube from RA-Tech/Airsoft Taiwan showing that the fire selector bits (amoung other hammer and trigger group parts) are indeed steel – the 2-round burst is here to stay, no more worn out parts as with some earlier KWA/KSC models.

Note the KWA markings are lasered on in white.


“Kriss Vector” is visible near the muzzle-end of the receiver.

The non-reciprocating charging handle is located below this, and is spring loaded to automatically spring forward and fold towards the receiver, out of the way of the shooters hands when released.

Note the included folding front sight (rear is included as well), the included vertical grip with hand stop (not sure what brand it is, though it sure feels solid on there).

Threaded barrel tip is blaze orange on this specific one that came in, as it came in ASAP for a special order. Blaze orange is actually painted on there really good, with a layer of primer underneath – really tough to get it off, as one tech at work had a fun time with. The muzzle is threaded to 16mm CW or 16mm positive.

Included in the KWA box is a stylish metal thread protector that is knurled on the outside (not pictured).


Note that above the outer barrel, there is a plug with a “V” on it. As with the real Kriss, you can remove this cap to install a flashlight or laser without having to mount anything externally. I didn’t get a chance to try this cool feature, but if you’re looking for more information on this you could watch this:

Note the side rail which is mounted on the right of the receiver out of the factory. You can swap this to the other side, though I found it slightly uncomfortable to be running my thumb over top of this rail section.

The charging handle can be seen on the left side of the receiver, and you can clearly see that it is slightly angled outwards.


Folding rear sight and fire selector (on fire) are pictured here. The action of the ambidextrous selector is very crisp, though the position is actually pretty high up, uncomfortably accessible from where my thumb would naturally rest when firing.

You can see the folding stock hinge button on the right of this picture.


The folding stock is actually very solid when locked into place and feels great. The positioning of the buttpad and the angle of the cheek rest add up to one hell of a comfortable cheekweld when the gun is up and on target.

I find the positioning of the sling swivel a little weird, as I’ve never shot a gun with a swivel mounted on the top of the receiver, near where my nose would be. This integral sling mount only allows for this position of mounting a single point sling.


To sum it up, I’m impressed, KWA. I’m generally not impressed with most of your products, save for the MP7’s performance and reliability and the HK45’s looks and feel. The Kriss Vector may not be the gun for me, but this is fucking cool (excuse my language).


13 responses to “First Impressions: KWA Kriss Vector

  • Joe Gill

    where can i get this, i know its not out but where can i get this in canada

    • overhoppers

      It is out. It has been available for a short while now overseas, and it is available in Canada now. In terms of local retailers within the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada, there are currently none for sale to the public – this one was brought in for a pre-order.

  • Joe Gill

    alright please let me know when i comes out and where i can get it

    • overhoppers

      Joe, Overhoppers is not currently affiliated/sponsored by any retailers, so I will be unlikely to name drop this particular retailer as this is where I work. I am very intent on keeping my paid work on the job separate from this blog, in order to remain unbiased and independent from the local Airsoft politics.

      If you still must know, please contact me privately through other channels – private message on local Airsoft forums or Airsoft Canada would be a good example.

  • adam bach

    so juicy. yay or nay. i want this smg…..

    • overhoppers


      It is not for me, however, if you think you can get used to the positioning of the controls – go for it.

      Gas efficiency is not on the level of the other System7/NS2 SMG’s out there, but the gun does have a steel bolt carrier (heavier than your usual moving mass of material on the System7/NS2 guns). Run it on 2-burst or semi and you’ll be fine.

      Super comfortable to shoulder and to shoot – you especially would really appreciate that, haha.


    sweet man. will it shoot all 49 rounds with a full gas fill? on semi and auto?
    also do u think there will be a way to get it down to 330 for CQB use????

    also gimme gimme gimme. text me and tell me when the company you work for is getting them in.

    love you juicy….no homo 😉

    • overhoppers

      Pretty much. Given that you’re in room temp, for sure. In colder temperatures, e.g. non-heated warehouse, it’ll get there, but it’ll struggle on the last rounds.

      Downgrade should be the same as most other GBB’s – change floating valve, or use different gas (i.e. duster gas – optix knows the specifics about which ones you can and can’t use). Don’t know for sure, but I presume that since its a KWA product it’ll take rocket valves for KWA NS2 and KSC System7. Tonic Airsoft produces one that supposedly lowers FPS by 20%, RA Tech produces the adjustable NPAS. There are probably other solutions out there, but those are the two I happen to see listed and stocked more often. RA Tech NPAS tends to back off and/or break in my experience, not sure how well that will do in the long run.

      Sending a text right now. No probs, Gunny. Love you too, haha.

  • djaoa

    Is the orange tip removable? Because I want to replace it with a suppressor when I get one

  • Mark Christie

    you can buy them and all after market parts from Red Wolf Airsoft Hong Kpng

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