Loadout: January 6th ASG Game Day


Damn you, mud and rain!

Thoughts on (now dirty) gear and (awesome) gun after the break.

I decided to give my beloved FAPC a rest and took the RRV for a spin with a new addition: a Tasmanian Tiger Essentials Pack in OD (review upcoming – unfortunately, DS Tactical was out of coyote/tan, which would have been my first choice). I’ve only run a third-line pack once before (at the ASG mini-sim last November), so this would be the first time I’ve run a third line during a normal game day. I totally didn’t need it, since the RRV carried all the essentials I needed (BBs, hydration, tools etc.), and being a short game day I didn’t need to reload from my pack like I might have during a milsim.

So the pack was unnecessary, but I think I could run it with a belt rig, which is the next bit of gear on my to-buy list.DSC_9320

(above: blur/haze effect produced completely unintentionally by Juicy)

My Real Sword Type 56 was a freaking lazer gun; the accuracy and range with the PDI 05 barrel (by far the best performing inner barrel I’ve ever used – I tend to move it from gun to gun, but I think it’s found a permanent home in my Type 56) were stellar, especially considering the hop rubber is the stock one. Oddly, the gun performed better with 0.28s than with 0.30s – there was a noticeable increase in range and consistency from shot to shot. The Guarder High Torque motor I tossed in there since I last gamed the Type 56 performed admirably, giving me significantly snappier trigger response over the stock Real Sword motor. The only real issue I had all day was with one of my mags not feeding (second hand from Juicy – thanks bro!), but it’s nothing some silicone oil can’t solve.

So in all, a good day both gear and gun-wise. I took out my 416 to play around with after the end of the day, and yeah, it’s still broken.

Sigh. You can’t have it all.



2 responses to “Loadout: January 6th ASG Game Day

  • Austin J

    What’s wrong with the 416? 😦

  • overhoppers

    Austin: gee, where to start? The Dytac T-1 cowitness mount I bought the day before fell apart. Then the Dboys mag catch I bought to solve the feeding issues I was having sheared right off (booo Dboys quality). Then, with me pushing the mag manually into the gun and firing, I noticed that I was getting zero hop, even with the hop adjusted to full (likely a byproduct of the MA inner barrel’s smaller than standard hop window).

    Sigh. One day I will actually field that gun, and it will be glorious.

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