For “Dizzy”

Hey Dizzy, “VFC HK Folding Front Sight” is a new product available now on

Front (mounts on gas block of HK416)

Well, the second product link is a little more for myself. I’ve been looking for one of the folding HK rear sights myself for a Norwegian Armed Forces impression/HK416N build that I was considering doing for a few months:

Rear (rail mounted as on HK416N)

Quick note about the reason for my lack of experience with purchasing stuff from WGC: I’ve never ordered from WGC and will likely never do an order as apparently I can’t pay via PayPal (or any other way) for my attempted order(s) because WGC’s online store says that they will only accept money wire transfer for customers in countries where “Airsoft is banned” – Canada is apparently on this list, though this is most definitely not the case, currently. I tried emailing WGC, but upon talking to some older-school Airsofters who have dealt with WGC in the past, apparently their English speaking/writing capabilities are not very good. Rather than getting back a garbled response to my initial emailed question, however, I got no response at all, even after submitting an order. So, instead of paying for that $500+ USD order that I was attempting to complete, I took my money elsewhere and did an (much smaller) order at eHobby instead. I’m not sure if this issue only affects my account on, but I’m sure as hell not impressed, WGC.


3 responses to “For “Dizzy”

  • Darren

    Just curious if you’ve tried going through the entire WGC checkout process? I have not purchased from them, but in order to see what my end $ amount would be with shipping I went through to the end just prior to actually paying. It did allow me to choose the paypal option. I’m just not certain if it would have allowed me continue to with it or whether it would have stopped me at the end. Just a thought.

    • overhoppers

      This I have done. Upon reaching the payment method selection, I was given no PayPal option – rather I was only allowed the money order/wire transfer option. I had a shipping quote and everything already automatically generated by WGC’s online shop. I added a note in English to my WGC order under the payment option telling WGC that I would not pay by money order, rather I insisted that I would pay by PayPal only (as other local players who I know have ordered from WGC have done). I got no response, and no PayPal invoice. I later redid order by selecting the option to have a shipping quote manually done – WGC did not send me a shipping quote with final amount and ask for method of payment.

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