WIP Taliban Hunter Impression Day – January 13th, 2013

Fire Team


Fireteam Bro’s been really into the impression scene lately, and we’ve started slowly branching out into other impressions to add to our MARSOC impression. Being heavily inspired by some of the crazy impressions on gearwhore.org, we decided to field our first draft (I must stress, this is a first run and is obviously a WIP and is far, far from complete) of our Taliban Hunter impression.

For those not in the know, this impression is based on DEVGRU, Delta, and other special operations units’ during their Taliban hunting missions in the mid-late 2000s. The most defining item of the impression is obviously the blanks worn as cloaks. These were meant to assist the units in blending in with the indigenous population, which was necessary considering how deep they were into traditionally Taliban-held territory.

Anyway, more pics after the break.

Charlies Angels


duck & cover


Caped Crusader


ROCK STAR Album Cover


Full credit for these pics goes to fellow Fireteam Bro member and all around good buddy Loops, who is quickly becoming the Scoutthedoggie of the Vancouver airsoft scene. His pics/vids make us look way better than we actually are. He’s also a prolific impressionist himself, having several European kits up as of this writing. He’s currently working on his Taliban Hunter impression; we’ll be sure to have pics up once we run together. Make sure check his vids on the Youtubes (we feature heavily in some of them).

To Loops! *raises glass of ginger ale*





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